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New Book by Dan Juster

New Book by Dan & Patty Juster

Weekly Torah Commentary - B&#resheet
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By Daniel C. Juster

The issue of God's standards for material wealth has been a source of debate for centuries ...

In the sixteenth century, Cardinal Wolsey, the Archbishop of York, built an enormous palace, larger and more luxurious than anything even King Henry VIII possessed. Henry was quite good at executing his opponents, even his wife Anne Boleyn. So when word came to the Cardinal that the king was jealous, he wisely decided to donate his Hampton Court Palace to the king! It is still standing today ...

Yet at the same time as Cardinal Wolsey built his palace, monastic Catholics were arguing that only giving up all possessions and taking a vow of poverty reflected the ideals of Yeshua. Meanwhile, the Reformers railed against the financial abuses and opulent living of Roman Catholic Church leaders ...

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Weekly Torah commentary: B&#resheet
    And the L-rd saw that great wickedness of mankind was on the earth, and every thought of the designs of his heart was only evil every day.
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