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A network of emissaries in Israel and around the world, working toward the restoration of Israel and the unity of Jew and Gentile in the Body of Messiah

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New Book by Dan Juster

New Book by Dan & Patty Juster

Weekly Torah Commentary - B'ha'alotkha
The headquarters of Tikkun International® are in Jerusalem.

A family of Messianic Congregations united by a common vision.

"The Lord loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love" (Psalms 33:5 NIV) ...

This amazing short verse contradicts some forms of popular Christianity which teach that God's love and His justice are opposed. Here righteousness, justice and love are united ...

Trademark Law Firm - Trademark Attorneys Also in the current issue of the newsletter:

Eitan Shishkoff: Unsung Heroes
Leon Mazin: The Gifts
Tents of Mercy: Healing the Abrahamic Family
Ariel Blumenthal: Healing the Abrahamic Family
Rachel Natenal: Testimony - Salvation in my Family

Weekly Torah commentary: B'ha'alotkha
    Why have You done evil to Your servant and why have I not found favour in Your eyes?
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