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"Please pray for our music school, as a spiritual initiative ..."

About 5 years ago my wife suggested we start a music school. She herself loves music very much, and all our kids play musical instruments, the older ones even on a professional level (if you wish I can send you a video - just contact me).

The goals for the music school:

To give the children in our congregation a chance to receive good musical education

To serve underprivileged new immigrant children in a humanitarian way and keep them off the streets

To grant professional musicians an opportunity to teach instead of "cleaning the streets"

To give both children and teachers the chance to learn the melody of eternity under the umbrella of a Messianic Congregation

Now the Rainbow of Sounds Music School under the umbrella of Return to Zion Ministries is in full swing. We have 45 students, many of whom are very talented. The school employs 11 teachers part time - some of them are believers, while others are far away from God, as is the case with most immigrants from the former Soviet Union (that empire of failed communism and belligerent atheism). But all of our teachers love the atmosphere at the Messianic Congregation. For me this is a barometer of activity or non-activity of the Holy Spirit.

Now allow me to introduce you to one of our teachers, an accomplished musician immigrant:

My name is Mindia. I am a composer, arranger, producer and teacher. I was born in 1973 in the city Batumi, Georgia in the Former Soviet Union. After teaching music at university level, in 2012 I immigrated to Israel and now live in Haifa. For one year now I have been teaching piano and music theory at the "Rainbow of Sounds" School of Music and Arts under the umbrella of "Return to Zion Ministries".

The school is like one big family. We rejoice together with our students. Their success is also our success. Each time one of the kids advances in musical expression, it stimulates me to continue and to create more and more.

No other activity unites the soul, spirit and mind like music - while connecting us with our heritage and improving perception, empathy, self-control and memory.

We would like to expand the school to include audio recording, as well as advanced content such as arranging, harmony, acoustics and musical variety.

Playing a music instrument requires a long term commitment. There are no shortcuts to mastering a skill. This is especially important to impart to our children, since today's world is bombarded with fast technology and instant gratification. For this reason, we so appreciate the chance to further develop the school.

Please pray for our music school, as a spiritual initiative - for the Lord's face to shine upon all participants, students and teachers alike, that they may open their hearts to Him. At the same time, I would like to ask you to consider partnering with us financially in this project.

Blessings to you all.

By Leon Mazin
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13:13 29Jul16 AM -
I am spiritually connected to the Return to Zion Congregation. The article regarding their Music School was very rewarding to me. I am truly blessed in the ways that God is using Leon Mazin, their leader.

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