Eitan Shiskoff

Executive Director
Tents of Mercy Network
"To reach our world, we must equip them, love them, train them, and impart to them a way of life - not just Bible lessons."

Japanese version of book
"What About Us?"
Endless rows of perfectly ordered rice fields, skyscrapers intersecting with super highways and high speed trains, and the smiling faces of Asian Yeshua-lovers - these are a few of the many scenes etched in my memory from an August journey to Japan and Taiwan.

The purposes of my visit were fourfold:

1. To mark the publication of my book "What About Us?" in Japanese and Traditional Chinese. The book addresses the end-time calling of Gentiles in Israel's revival.

2. To bring teachings from the book during events in Tokyo and Osaka promoting the November, 2013 Asia Messianic Forum (to be held in Singapore).

3. To participate in the "Shalom Camp", gathering together youth from many nations and tribes in the Asia Pacific region.

4. To be accompanied by A., an outstanding young Israeli believer, to give him ministry experience abroad and to deepen our relationship.

I was humbled by the enthusiastic reception of people in the Far East to my new book. What a privilege to see the message God gave me about covenant friendship between Messianic Jews and Gentile believers, spreading to the edge of Asia.

Youth Around the World

Even more fulfilling, was the in-depth encounter with the youth of eastern nations. A heart connection was formed that will not go away. I discovered that God has given me a burden for young people around the globe, not just in Israel - where I've been seeking to invest in teenagers for the past fifteen years. These kids are the rapidly arriving future. To reach our world, we must equip them, love them, train them, and impart to them a way of life - not just Bible lessons. Yeshua said "Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends" (John 15:13). This is the core of what I shared with young Taiwanese, Okinawans, Japanese, Singaporeans, Filipinos, and tribal peoples. The Kingdom of God travels through true friendship. Yeshua is calling us to learn what it means to be covenant friends, as Jews and Gentiles who love Him. Through that friendship, as in the cases of Solomon and Hiram, Boaz and Ruth, we will hasten the coming of our King.

It is common knowledge that China is an economic giant. The Asian nations are poised to dominate the 21st century of world history. The fact that they are also experiencing a dynamic, spreading of the Gospel is no accident. The Sovereign Lord has determined that at this time in history, indigenous, Spirit-inspired leaders would arise in every nation - from Japan, westward across the Silk Road, all the way to Israel. My lifelong friend, Peter Tsukahira, has written insightfully about this in his book, God's Tsunami (available on Amazon.com).

I was further challenged by this experience of deep friendships and breath-taking opportunity. There is a readiness among our Asian brothers and sisters, to discover and be united with their Israeli Messianic family. The years ahead will take us deeper into the heart of these nations. The influence of their faith will be a magnet, drawing Yeshua back to Jerusalem.

Beloved Taiwanese friends Production team from Elim
(the Taiwanese publisher of Eitan's book)

By Eitan Shishkoff
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16:58 11Oct13 Ivica -
Don't forget South Korea! At least 30 years of constant and dynamic gospel expansion.

18:22 03Dec13 Amir Magonid -
Praise the Lord our God, it is always inspiring for me to read about how our Lord is reaching all the people of the earth with His Love through His people. I thank and praise the Lord for all He is doing through you all.

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