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"Be open and you will see how different people and groups, moved by the Spirit, will pass through and fill the place with His Presence and anointing."

Towers are mentioned in many different places in the Scriptures.

The first tower, Babel, was an ambitious and infamous building project begun by Nimrod (according to rabbinic tradition). The objectives of that tower were revealed in the name of its architect. The name Nimrod comes from the word riot and rebellion. He and the other builders with him rebelled against the Creator and wanted to raise their own name "against the heavens." When the Lord mingled their languages, the building process stopped. They couldn't understand each other anymore and were "confused." (The Hebrew word Babylon comes from a root word that means confusion.)

Scripture also tells about another tower whose builder made miscalculations regarding manpower and finances. As a result the building was not completed (Luke 14:28-30).

I wrote recently about a different kind of tower. I shared that we had received an unusual word from the Lord that seemed out of the ordinary: "to build a prayer tower - a prophetic studio." Shavei Tzion has been involved in many endeavors, but focused intercessory prayer has not been one of them. As a ministry we have worked to develop Messianic theology in the Russian-speaking Jewish world, planted congregations for those returning to Zion, contributed to Aliyah (the return of Jewish exiles) and initiated educational projects. Hundreds of people have been and are involved in these projects. Of course we pray over all that we do and dedicate each new project to the Lord, but until now we have not had a specific prayer ministry.

After the first directive, the Lord told us more specifically to build a "Prophetic Studio." To be honest, I had suffered in the past from the "post-charismatic age," when the prophets prophesied falsely, the healers attempted to prove themselves by questionable means and the word of knowledge was reduced to manipulation. These were the consequences of the charismatic "invasion" to which the Former Soviet Union was subjected in the late 80s, and Israel in the early 90s. All of this created many walls inside us, and it takes time for these walls to come down.

However, recent developments and dynamics of various projects, including our internet TV broadcasting, the music school, the ministry to the needy, and the Haifa Theological Institute have shown us that we are in urgent need of the Spirit of the Lord and the manifestation of HIS glory and power. Thinking logically, it is clear that this is impossible without PRAYER.

I was also glad to hear from different people in Israel that they too have received a similar word and that they have begun to create similar dedicated prayer spaces.

So what is this room for? For prayer, of course. Yet there are different ways to go about setting up a prayer ministry. Some are organized 24/7 or 12/5. I am embarrassed to say that up until now I had not been so interested in the specifics. But we are thankful to God that He brought us all into agreement, and as a result we see that the prayer room - the Tower - in which people can listen to the Word of the Lord, is now ready.

How will we use it? The first words that the Spirit of the Lord gave us were "Be open and you will see how different people and groups, moved by the Spirit, will pass through and fill the place with His Presence and anointing." (I find it hard to believe that I am saying such a thing!) But I am trusting this impulse, and we are ready to listen - to hear together with you, what the Lord is going to say ... to you, to us, to Israel. Let us work together to promote the return of the Lord, expecting that Israel will clearly hear the footsteps of Yeshua coming home. May more and more people in our land raise their voices to the heavens with the ancient proclamation: "Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai" (Welcome in the name of the Lord).

We warmly invite you to visit and use our Prayer Tower.

For more information write to: info@shaveitzion.org

This article was previously published on April 15th here, on the Shavei Tzion website.

By Leon Mazin
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15:28 03May17 Liv Hicks -
Yes, yes, yes! I prayed in Jerusalem for two years at the King of Kings 14th floor prayer tower and exactly what you want to happen happened there daily, people from all over the world came to pray. God says to reclaim the high places, and prayer and praise does wonders ... amen, amen, amen. So glad you are doing this. Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai!

17:11 03May17 Ena -
Congratulations! Baruch haba b'Shem Adonai

18:41 03May17 VO -
Praise Him! If He is asking, do it! I was hurt and disappointed by the charismatic movement also, but if it is God who is asking we must follow Him. He will bless you!!!

00:51 04May17 Miriam Maranzenboim -
Josephus writes that when building the tower of Babel they used bitumen which would waterproof it. They truly wanted to avenge the destruction of their forefathers. They didn't believe G-d's promise that He would never destroy the world by water again as symbolized by the rainbow. Book I; Chapter 4.

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