APRIL  2016

Dr. Daniel and Patricia Juster
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Patty:  The last four-to-five weeks have been perhaps the fullest month during our time in Israel this season.  We had our bi-annual Tikkun International Board Meeting in Jerusalem and made much progress in strategizing future cooperation between all the connected congregations in Israel.  We were looking at all dimensions of how Tikkun International can function more effectively.  We have wonderful folks from the business world on the board now, adding a whole new dimension that is so important for this season.
On March 19 we welcomed our ninth grandchild, Asher Gideon.  I was blessed to witness the birth of this precious little boy, our daughter Simcha’s third child.  At his circumcision, Simcha explained why they chose that name.  I was blown away.  She revealed that just like her brother, Ben, who named his youngest son Eitan in honor of Eitan Shishkoff, both she and Jonathan wanted to honor Asher Intrater by naming their son Asher.  This act was to honor Dan’s legacy of maintaining covenantal relationships over a span of thirty-five years with his disciples Asher and Eitan.  Both Jonathan and Simcha are zealous to receive this inheritance for their generation.
This last week Dan, Ben and I spent four days teaching at Gateways Beyond in Cyprus.  Dan spoke on what he traditionally teaches at Gateways: the Kingdom of God and eschatology.  He had over about 21 first year students and 12 second year students.  Of course, the students were mesmerized by his expanse of knowledge.  Ben spoke on various leadership principles to both the second year students and the interns in the afternoons, while I split the days with Ben in sharing with the GTS 2 students and interns.  I was thrilled as God released me to minister some healing and deliverance to several students on our last day.  It was such a blessing to have our son minister along with us and for him to get a glimpse of what it is like for us when we go.  My heart overflowed with joy!

  • May 11: Return to States
  • May 13-15: Speak at Israel Mandate, IHOP, KC
  • May 27-28:  Minister at El Shaddai, Frederick, MD
  • May 29-June 5: Tikkun Leaders’ Conference and Family Conference, Turf Valley, Ellicott City, MD
  • June 9-11:  Minster at Tikvat Israel, Richmond, VA
  • June 12:  Minister at Harvest Renewal Church, Richmond
  • Grace for our children and families as they seek to get integrated into the Land
  • Grace to learn Hebrew for everyone
  • Grace for building an apostolic network in Israel; strategies for building cooperative unity
  • Grace for Dan and Patty as they begin their American itinerary May 11
Two left photos - Celebrating Patty's birthday; top right photo - our new grandson; bottom right - celebrating Purim at Ahavat Yeshua

Dan:  Before we went out to Cyprus, I was privileged to spend three days by the Sea of Galilee during the annual 'Sitting at Yeshua’s Feet' time of prayer and fellowship with almost 45 Messianic Jewish leaders from around Israel.  This is not only an important time for seeking God together, but important too for meeting and developing friendships with leaders of congregations in Israel.
I would like our friends who support us to know that the Restoration from Zion fund supports the traveling that we do to equip others on this side of the ocean.  It is much more than personal support.  We also just paid for our book Growing to Maturity to be published in Spanish.  Now it is available for discipleship throughout the Spanish world.  In addition, we are in the process of publishing a new book on prosperity with Creation House: Prosperity, What the Bible Really Says.  This book will bring biblical balance to much of the aberrant teaching that circulates today.  It also gives a important teaching on God’s provision and how we can walk in that provision.
In the Messiah’s Love and Service,
Dan and Patty Juster
Dan, Ben and Patty ministering in Cyprus
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