Recovery from heart surgery and follow up about Tikkun Board Meetings.

A New Season of Restoration

April 1, 2017


Greetings in Yeshua’s name!  This letter is written just a week after Patty’s open heart surgery.

A week ago, as I – Dan – am writing this letter, Patty had open heart surgery to replace her mitral valve.  This is a big ordeal, as every reader can imagine.  Patty previously had a valve repair, 11 years ago.  But the valve was breaking down and her cardiologist of 12 years said that she really needed to do this.

We were assigned an amazing surgeon and, although Patty was not in immediate danger, she was scheduled for surgery a week after a heart catheter test.  This was Patty’s fourth major surgery, two for the back in 1982 and 2015, and two for the heart, 2006 and now.  Surgeries are traumatic experiences, but God has brought her through each with flying colors.  I write as we are soon to be discharged after 8 days of hospitalization.

With all the horror stories we hear about medical errors, carelessness and more, we are happy to report a best hospital experience.  The doctors and staff in the heart surgery department were all amazing.  Even to imagine that they are able to do this seems a fantasy.  We did not find one nurse or worker worthy for complaint.  The location of the heart section is on the 12th floor of the new Davidson Tower of the Hadassah Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  The Tower is amazing.  There are large contemporary rooms and family waiting areas that overlook the Judean mountains.  Patty’s room had a wonderful view from her bed.

As we go through such challenges, our love is deepened and the support of friends and family shows itself to be most meaningful.  We have been especially heartened by all the prayers from our congregation here, our connected congregations in Israel, in the United States and from friends around the world.  One of the great blessings of the ministry we were given is the level these connections.

We continue to pray for Patty’s full recovery.  She is, of course, weak, anemic, and needing to see the heart rhythm stabilize.  This is all normal for this kind of surgery.

Just before all of this, we had the Tikkun 501C3 board meeting.  We met near Jerusalem, and I believe that we made great progress.  You will hear more details about this progress in due course, but it is connected to more opportunity for us and yes, more work.

Patty dearly wants to recover enough so I can keep the Asia itinerary just after Passover, where I am scheduled for Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore.  The goal is to see the Church worldwide align with God’s purposes for Israel and the Messianic Jewish contingent in the Body of the Messiah.  The destiny of Israel, the Church and the nations is tied together and our goal is always to see progress in the Kingdom toward the second coming of Yeshua.

When you receive this letter, my new book, Heaven, Hell and the Afterlife, What the Bible Really Says, will probably be in print.  It is part of a series of three, the first one, Prosperity, What the Bible Really Says.  I hope you will all avail yourselves of these books.  They are not difficult or too long in pages, but I think are important responses to errors that have come into the Church as well as giving an encouragement to faith.  The Bible says more on these topics than some believe.

We will have more to report next month.  Do lift us up in prayer.  Patty and I continue to believe that our best years are ahead and the next ten years could be the most significant in our history.  Your continued financial backing makes our ministry possible.

God bless,

In the Messiah’s Love and Service,

Daniel and Patty Juster

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Restoration From Zion is the International apostolic and equipping ministry of Daniel and Patricia Juster based in Jerusalem. The ministry purposes to form solid networks of leaders around the world to partner towards the restoration of five-fold ministry (Eph. 4:11-13), building up the body so that we can all advance the unity of faith for Israel and the Church.



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