Dr. Daniel and Patricia Juster's
Personal Update and Prayer

APRIL 2019

Patty usually writes our monthly letters then I, Dan, add to it.  However, this month, I am writing.  Patty wrote about our son Ben and his wife Lorena last month.  Ben is increasingly sharing in the whole range of ministry that we do, and it is part of an important transition for us into shared ministry.  However, I am not going away.  I have wonderful energy and strength, but I wanted to address the question of what I am doing in more detail and what I believe I will be doing in the future. By God's grace, I am planning on ten more strong years.  Of course, it could be twenty, but I will plan on ten, knowing that the Lord has his timing, and all is subject to his sovereignty and grace.

Patty and I are still based in Israel for eight months of the year and in the United States for four months.  We aim to continue our ministry in these proportions.

In America, I give leadership to a network of congregations (now about twenty five in number) and some fifteen emissaries that serve in Israel, America, and other nations.  This means traveling to congregations and keeping in touch with the leaders by e-mail, Skype, and Zoom calls.  We seek to have regional meetings for rabbis/pastors in the different areas where we have congregations. We also offer equipping for leaders and congregations in regional training Institutes.  When we are Stateside, our lives are very full.  

In Israel, I seek to strengthen our movement of (currently nine) congregations.  Half of the support for this comes from Restoration from Zion, but in addition, our travel costs in Israel and to other nations are funded by Restoration from Zion, our personal ministry fund.  What do I do in this regard?  First, I serve as one of the statesman elders in our congregation in Jerusalem under Asher Intrater (the founding apostle), Jonathan Moore, co-pastor (my son-in-law) and Ariel Blumenthal, co-pastor.  Eddie Santoro, the first pastor, still serves as an elder, but is now the emeritus pastor.  I sometimes preach foundational messages, but more of my time is given in mentoring younger leaders.  It has been a joy to see some that I mentor coming into eldership and deaconship as well as to see the general development of the congregation as it grows and gains strength.  There is no substitute for sitting with couples and mentoring them in preaching, home group leadership, caring for people and in discipleship in their personal lives and marriages.
I am being called to travel more frequently in Israel in order to spend time with other leaders beyond our local congregation. For example, this last week I was with Avishalom, our new pastor north of Haifa in Kiryat Yam.  We also had a meeting for young adults answering their questions on apologetics (evidence for why we believe and answering objections). As an apologetics professor, this is one of my strengths.

A few weeks earlier, I was with Leon Mazin in Haifa training his core leaders on how to preach with greater effectiveness (I mentor in this in our congregation in Jerusalem as well).  It was a wonderful time.  I also have done several courses for the school Leon founded, Haifa Theological Institute.  This is also training leaders from the north.  The opportunities for traveling and equipping will only grow.

Restoration from Zion also is my support base for giving me time to write.  I am finishing a book aimed particularly at millennials on the subject of social justice, based on what the Bible says about social justice and slicing through and refuting the almost Marxist ideas of social justice in our western culture.

A very large part of my life is to see the right partnership, alignment and joining of the churches in all streams that confess the basic truths of our faith to be rightly connected to Israel and the Messianic Jewish remnant.  This requires much writing, traveling and preaching. If I go to Europe for this (in three days to Norway as I write and in 4 weeks to Asia for two weeks) it is the Restoration from Zion fund that makes this possible.  I have the credibility of having written some 20 books which are well regarded by both theologians and leaders of many stripes, from Dr. Jack Hayford of the Church of the Foursquare Gospel, to the famous biblical theologian Dr. Walter Kaiser, to one of the leading New Testament scholars today, Dr. Craig Keener.  This is a keystone in our vision and theology: that we will see the unity of the true Church in the last days, in revival and able to provoke Israel to jealousy leading to the return of Yeshua.  Will it be in our life-time?  That is not our concern, but we are to do our part to bring his coming closer.  I do this in connection with Tikkun Global, which joins associations of congregation that fit more the charismatic, Pentecostal, and restoration theology that we originally received by a vision but also had foundations from Derek Prince in 1982.  However, I also foster that unity and alignment through my work in Toward Jerusalem Council II, which includes a broader constituency of Messianic Jews and Christians, charismatics, non-charismatics, traditional denominations, etc.  The Lord has graced me with an understanding of the Church streams so that I am able to adapt to them so they can best receive as much as possible from what I am able bring.

In all of this, Patty administers my itinerary and is also half time with Restoration from Zion. She brings enormous benefits as a prophetic preacher.

Our future plans are simply to continue with this same work and, to meet the ever-growing workload, to increasingly involve Ben in the work to increase our reach and to allow further growth and development.  We will feature him more in the future.  We have plans for producing pod casts and shorter writings, for engaging with social media (sign up for our official Facebook page) and even offering mini courses of just 15 minutes per session.  These are for the future, but we would love to hear from you if any of these seem particularly relevant to you.  There is also the importance of our being good grandparents to our 11 grandchildren who at this time are living near us in our town.

You who share with us in this ministry are partners in its fruit and share in the eternal reward. Our greatest desire is that you and others like you who receive this letter will make a renewed commitment to regularly pray for us; at least when you receive our letters.  We pray that you will read them prayerfully and take them seriously.  We know that you receive many communications and it is not always easy to prioritize or even read them all.  We do think we add something of value that is important to the work of the kingdom of God. Then as part of the covenant with us, we pray that you will increase your partnership with us by making a financial gift regularly.  Monthly is the most helpful as it allows us to plan and schedule our commitments.Whatever you can do as the Lord leads you, but the consistency really empowers us carry on the work.

With love and appreciation…Dan and Patty
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  • Continued abundance of provision for all our related ministries in Israel and around the world
  • Protection and grace for the staff in our home office in Frederick, MD
  • Strengthening of our family in Israel; grace and protection
  • Grace for Dan as he ministers in Asia for two weeks as part of  the TJCII initiative 
  • Grace for Patty as she oversees their move from their home in Mevasseret Tzion to another home a couple blocks away while Dan is in Asia; they will be sharing a home with their daughter and son-in-law, the Moore family

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