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April 2021
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This month we have a special piece for you from Patty. Patty and I are so very happy to see Israel open up and maybe soon get passed the COVID restrictions.  We actually went to a lovely restaurant in Tel Aviv to celebrate Patty’s birthday. Now we are taking our first trip north to the Haifa area to visit with leaders of our related congregations in that region. In addition, training leaders here and in the United States is an important focus. I continue to have opportunities for in-depth teaching by Zoom, this last month in Korea, and next month with Chinese leaders.  What a privilege!

Ben continues to see great opportunities in his work of networking and overseeing in the United States. This past month, he co-led a Passover seder with Celebration Church in Jacksonville. We are so glad to be part of the Tikkun Global family as it expands in Israel, the United States, and around the world. 

I continue to be burdened for our friend and teacher Vlad Nagirner in Ukraine. He struggles with health issues but manages to do much teaching in Russian. He does not need a lot of support, but modest support will help him greatly. Those who sign up, will receive short teachings in English frequently.  They are wise and insightful. I want to share my heart for him with you. I personally have been supporting him for some years. Just write him to sign up for his sending. Copy and paste this address and send him an e-mail at n_vladislav2006@ukr.net.

Thank you for your faithful prayer and support for our ministry.  
Daniel Juster

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WHAT IS WISDOM, Patty Juster 

I grew up on a little farm way out in the country. We used to plant all kinds of seeds each year in the hopes of reaping an abundant crop of corn, cabbage, potatoes and other vegetables. Some seeds we planted produced just little plants that first seemed insignificant. Some plants reproduced so rapidly that they prohibited any other plants from growing so they needed to be properly spaced out. We even planted some fruit trees that grew to produce fruit year after year.

Each choice we make is like a seed that we plant. Each day we hold a variety of seeds in our hand and have to make decisions as to which ones we want to plant and nurture. Each seed has a DNA in it. What we sow we will reap. If we sow apple seeds, we will reap a harvest of apples. How do we know what each seed will produce days, months or years down the line? 

This is where wisdom comes in. Wisdom is knowing what kind of plant or fruit our seed will produce. Will it produce the kind of crop that will be able to feed ourself, our family and others (promote love)? Or will we waste time sowing thorns and thistles that produce havoc in the garden of life? Just one bad or good choice can change history. My choices do not just affect me alone but multitudes of others. When King David sinned and slept with Bathsheba, both he and the people in his kingdom suffered the consequences of his actions. Thousands died because of his sin. 

The best way to learn what kind of seed you are holding is to ask God for His wisdom. We do not have to plant the seed and later say, “Oops, I guess I shouldn't have planted that seed.” We were never intended to bear the weight of making our decisions independently. In the Garden of Eden there were two trees. The Tree of Life represented wisdom from God, whereas the other tree was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve partook from the second tree because they wanted to gain their own knowledge independent of God’s wisdom. How often we hear young people say, “How do I know it is bad unless I try it. Others are doing it.” 

Leaning on our own understanding brings torment. When Adam and Eve fell, even their ability to discern good and evil was distorted. So much of the division in the Body of Believers today is rooted in our reliance on faulty discernment. This affects how we interpret research from experts and media. It even clouds a serious study of Scripture.  Self-reliance leads to legalism and an attempt to bring others into agreement with our “discernment.” In our zeal, we can feel like we are doing God’s business in trying to persuade others. Research alone cannot reveal what is true or what is evil or good. The fallen culture often calls evil good and good evil. Yeshua died on the cross because he wanted to save us from the bondage resulting from partaking of the fruit of the forbidden tree. 

The book of James (Jacob) states that if we ask for wisdom, God will give it to us.  Romans 8 exhorts us how to be led by the Spirit and therefore live as children of God.  Discernment, the receiving of wisdom that can inform our actions, comes as a result of an intimate fellowship with the living God. Messiah is declared to be both the power and wisdom of God. “He has become for us wisdom from God–that is our righteousness, holiness and redemption.” (I Corinthians 1:30)  Therefore, we can have the mind of the Messiah and come to unity as a body. Now we can be restored to eat of the Tree of Life and no longer depend on our own abilities to figure out right and wrong. We are no longer bound by this world’s wisdom.  It is for freedom that Yeshua has set us free!

How do we know if we are walking in the wisdom from above instead of earthly wisdom?  “Wisdom from above is first of all pure; then peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit, impartial and sincere.  Peacemakers who sow in peace reap a harvest of righteousness.” (James 3:17-18)

Lorena participates during the joint Elim and Celebration Passover seder.
Ben co-leads the joint Passover seder with Elim Congregation and Celebration.
Ahavat Yeshua Congregation in Israel meets in small groups in the park.
Our recent family photo just before Ben and Lorena's move to the US.
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Apr 23-24: Ben - Beit Mashiach Cong, FL
Apr 29-May 1: Ben - Or Chaim Cong, CO
May 5: Ben - Tikkun Global US Meetings, FL
May 6-7: Ben - Awakening Alliance Network Meetings, FL
May 12: Dan and Patty Flights to US
May 21-22: Dan and Patty - Rosh Pina, MD
May 25-30: The Justers - Tikkun America Conferences

  • Upcoming US Travel Schedule starting in May for Dan and Patty
  • Tikkun America network conferences at end of May
  • Continued abundance of provision for all our Tikkun related ministries in Israel and around the world
  • Much prayer is needed not just for Messianic believers in the Land but around the world who are presently unemployed.  God will provide as he did for the Israelites when they went through the wilderness.
  • Continued health for Juster clan


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