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The last of our children to make aliyah has arrived safely in the Land with his family!  They are here at last.  We know you have been following their story for the past year; on July 15th that day finally came.  We want to thank you so much for your prayers for their safe arrival and for them to find favor in the Land.  We are happy to report that much grace was upon them as they had to go to all the governmental offices, banks, and school to get established.  Their shipment came and everything made it through without a glitch … not even one broken item!  Our grand-daughter Abby even found a riding stable where she can continue her lessons.  The best part is that now all our children and all eight of our grand-children are in one country; two families living in Mevasseret Tzion and one in Ma'ale Adumim, just 25 minutes away.  My heart overflows!  Please pray for everyone to have grace to learn Hebrew and to get firmly rooted in the Land.

Having the whole family here made it so easy to gather together to celebrate Chad and Becca’s oldest daughter’s Bat Mitzvah.  For the first time in several years our three children played for worship together.  My heart swelled with joy and I thought, “Wow, all those music lessons are paying off!”
Liel did an amazing job chanting the blessings and reciting the Torah and Haftarah portions, as well as reading from the Brit Hadashah.  I love this Jewish rite of passage, as it makes such a clear delineation between childhood and adulthood.  During the ceremony it is plainly spoken that the child is now entering into a covenant with God to be responsible for his/her own relationship with him and to be responsible to follow the commandments of God as an adult.
Liel Holland's Bat Mitzvah
  • Israel's ongoing protection in the midst of nations turning against her
  • Peace, strength and healing for Eddie Santoro as he recovers; grace for Jackie
  • Grace for Ahavat Yeshua in Jerusalem as they cope with the present challenges
  • Grace for Asher as he juggles additional responsibilities during this season; wisdom of how to move forward
  • Continued spiritual growth in the emerging leadership team at Ahavat Yeshua

We are staying home, in Israel, to minister in Ahavat Yeshua to the emerging leaders, help shepherd the flock, and to strengthen and equip oth er leaders in the Land.  It feels so good not to travel for a while!

Dan was so blessed to be able to officiate at the wedding of Isaac and Rachel R.  Isaac has been like a son to us as he was the best friend of our youngest son, Samuel, before he died.  Isaac has even lived with us in Israel for a year and become even more endeared to our hearts.  So, this wedding had very special significance to us!
After two and a half years of coping with much back pain almost on a daily basis, our family has decided that it is time for Patty to have back surgery.  She has tried several different kinds of alternative treatments; Dan has had to schlep a zero-gravity chair around for her to sit in during meetings, even traveling with it to various places during our times in the States.  Recently, she has had to increase the level of pain medication.  She finally reached the place where the grace lifted in her present situation.  Right now she has been scheduled to have surgery September 6 but is trying to get the doctor to change this to an earlier date.  Patty wants to be recovered sufficiently that we can fly back to the States at the end of October.  The surgeon is planning to fuse two areas, the L5S1 and the L5L4.  The recovery will be long and painful but he said that there is a 90% success rate and that she will have almost complete mobility after six months.  Please keep her in prayer as well as our family.  We will send out a prayer update later.
Eddie Santoro, the pastor of our congregation Ahavat Yeshua, was admitted to the hospital August 6 after experiencing headaches and memory loss for several days.  After various tests, the chief neurological surgeon informed him that the tests showed a tumor located on the left side of his brain. His opinion was that it was very aggressive and needed to be removed at once. He also thought that it was probably cancerous although that would only be confirmed in a biopsy after the operation, which has been scheduled for August 11.  Please keep Eddie and Jackie Santoro in your prayers for the next several weeks.
Now is the time to pray diligently for the young emerging leaders into whom we have been pouring these last two years, to rise up and to take on more responsibility within the congregation.  Please pray too for wisdom for Asher, Dan and the leadership team of Ahavat as many decisions need to be made within the next few days.  The congregation will experience a big hole in their ongoing pastoral care as Eddie and Jackie have been so actively involved in shepherding this flock.  They are dearly loved!
Thank you for continuing to support us in prayer and finances.  Every month we are so blessed to be able to operate in the black!  We serve an awesome God!
May you be blessed,
Dan and Patty

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