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Greetings from Kansas City. I am writing in our last period in the United States before returning to Israel.  Patty and I have just finished an intensive month of travel.  I think sometimes the bonding that takes place with leaders is so amazing.
Our California trip began in Fresno where we met with congregation Beth David, led by Rick Ari. It is so very special because his son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren are in our congregation in Jerusalem. The goal of being there was to deepen their biblical understanding of the Messianic Jewish direction of their community.  It was a wonderful time.
Patty joined me in Los Angeles.  For the next week we spent time with partner churches and at the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations' national conference.  The UMJC was celebrating its 40th anniversary.  I, Dan, was so privileged to be honored as the founding President.  The UMJC is a broad umbrella that joins together Messianic Jewish congregations of many stripes.  John Fischer – now the President and my Vice President 40 years ago – and I taught a seminar together on the founding of the UMJC.  On Friday there was a Shabbat dinner banquet and John and Patrice Fischer and Patty and I were interviewed on the founding of the UMJC.  It was great fun and special to see old friends of 40 years.
Before the UMJC conference, Patty and I spent a Sunday with the congregation, House of Light, led by Netz Gomez.  This Hispanic congregation wonderfully received the teaching on the five pillars that are the keys to understanding the last days and the return of Yeshua. The five pillars are: world revival(Acts 2), the unity of the Church(John 17:21), completing the work of preaching the Gospel to every nation (ethnos, Matthew 24:14), a mission to the Jewish people whose salvation will lead to life from the dead (Romans 11:14, 15) and finally that God will raise up a last days leadership that will lead to the fulfillment of the other four (Ephesians 4:11 ff).   We had a very good leadership discussion in the afternoon.
It is almost a two hour drive between the northern L. A. suburbs and Anaheim, the southern suburbs. How hard to live in Los Angeles! We had mid-week meetings with Pastor Jerry Dirmann of the Four Square Churches. He is an apostolic leader in that denomination and oversees 20 churches.  We had meetings with his apostolic team, his local pastors and then the leaders of his 20 congregations, several of whom attended by internet video. We not only shared about Israel and the Church, but Jerry was zealous to inquire about our understandings of five-fold ministry.  Some time ago, Jack Hayford recommended Jerry and I to one another.  On the weekend, we had four services in the main church for this movement.  Again, we gave the 5 Pillars message.  It was so very well received.  Patty also gave a wonderful talk on persevering through suffering and the “so that” part of it.  The “so that’s” lead to great advance that is not perceived in the midst of the trial.
Patty stayed behind on my Florida-Georgia trip.  In Florida we met with two of our Tikkun congregations.  One was for many years under Manual Goffman and whose congregation (Shema Israel) has recently rejoined Tikkun America. They have transitioned to a dynamic new leader, Reynier Del Toro while Manual is still a senior elder figure.  We also met with the leadership of Beit Mashiach in West Palm Beach, Florida.  We were able to encourage direction for the congregation and leaders in both congregations.
After this I flew to Atlanta where my niece Kelly Haynes and her husband Ray met us.  I had a wonderful time with them and also preached at their church, the Church at Warhill, under Don Allen.  This was a mid-week service with 300-400 attending. Again, I spoke on the Five Pillars and it was wonderfully received.  I do now believe that this message is a life message that I am called to spread in every way possible for as long as I live.
As I write, Patty is preparing for the Tikkun Women’s Conference at Turf Valley near Baltimore. By the time many of you receive this letter we will be back in Israel. Then begins our task of unpacking and setting up our new apartment that we had just moved into before coming to the States.  We so look forward to walking out God’s plans for us during our time in Israel.
Thank you once again for your faithfulness in upholding this ministry in prayer.  We pray that you will continue to feel joined in heart with us, contending together for the extension of God’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  You are a blessing!
40th Anniversary Celebration of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations
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