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Greetings to all of you dear ones in the name of Yeshua, the Messiah.
Dan: It is the end of the year.  Generally, I like to share with our supporters, those who pray and those who give financially and those who do both, what we have been doing and what we are planning to do.  We usually find that people give special gifts as well at the end of the year since it is the last opportunity for a tax deduction.  What might happen if there is tax reform?  We do not know.
I at least am as busy now in the work of the Kingdom as I have ever been.  My work has three foci.  First, is to support the building of congregations in Israel that are connected to the covenant partners I sent to Israel some years ago.  Patty and I teach, mentor, travel around the country and serve as local elders in our congregation here in Jerusalem.  We are now seeing a network of congregations coming into greater coherence.  This is a dream.  We also envision helping to develop a strong Bible and Theological school that includes much practical training.  I have taught a number of courses at Haifa Theological Institute in the past year and have more scheduled for next year.
In the second focus, I continue to oversee a network of 25 congregations in the United States.  Our support for this comes from those congregations, not Restoration from Zion.  We currently only give some four months during the year to be in the United States visiting these congregations and strengthening the leaders although we are always being asked for appointments and visits.  The rest of our time we are based in Israel.
Then, finally, we continue to travel to the nations to build the partnership of the Churches with the Messianic Jewish Community, primarily in Israel.  Readers of our letters may remember that this year I have been in Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and Switzerland.  I also seek to speak at churches in the United States where we have a strong or potentially strong connection.
Patty is included in some of my travels.  Her primary work is in the Land with me and in traveling to the American network of Tikkun connected congregations.  This has been hard for the last several years.  Most of you know that Patty had serious back surgery two and a half years ago.  Then this last spring she had open-heart surgery for a valve replacement.  I hated to see her go through the pain of recovery from these surgeries.  But as I write, she is at her best in years and we expect that being able to serve together will become easier.  Going through this has deepened our love for one another and we are amazed and delighted to believe this is a gift from God.  I would not have believed it possible as a young man.  Patty still has to take blood thinner and a beta-blocker for heart arrhythmia.  We pray for this to resolve, but the present situation is good.  We are so grateful.  Patty is a partner in public ministry and administration by my side and I cannot imagine succeeding without her.
As of this writing, I am in the process of publishing my nineteenth book with Charisma Media: Angels, Demons and Spiritual Warfare, What the Bible Really Teaches.  I encourage you all to go to our web site bookstore – www.tikkuninternational.org/bookstall.htm - to see our titles and avail yourself of these writings.
Now I have not mentioned what is last but not least.  That is our commitment to our three children, their families and our ten and soon to be eleven grandchildren in Israel!
Your prayers are so important.  Your financial support goes to all we do outside of the Tikkun America Network.  It pays for international travel, teaching in Israel and the nations, website and facebook video posts, time for book writing, international correspondence, mentoring in Israel, theological teaching and more.  Plus, if there are sufficient funds, we give strategically to extend the Kingdom of God, mostly for the work in Israel.
And next year?  It looks like we will be doing much of the same.  The opportunities are enormous.

1 & 2:  Emerging Leaders' Conference -  February 2017
3 & 4:  Patty's miracle of recovering from heart surgery - March 2017
5:  Tikkun International Board Meeting - March 2017
6-8:  Dan's speaking tour of Korea, Singapore and Taiwan - April 2017
9: Tikkun America's Restore Conference with Mike Bickle and Justin Rizzo - May 2017
10:  The three pillars of Tikkun _ Asher, Dan and Eitan
11: Congregational Picnic - Ahavat Yeshua, Jerusalem - July 2017
12: Dan speaking in Geneva at the Restoring Hope conference, October 2017
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Restoration From Zion is the International apostolic and equipping ministry of Daniel and Patricia Juster based in Jerusalem. The ministry purposes to form solid networks of leaders around the world to partner towards the restoration of five-fold ministry (Eph. 4:11-13), building up the body so that we can all advance the unity of faith for Israel and the Church.

Restoration From Zion is a ministry of Tikkun International, a family of several apostolic ministries led by leaders with deep historic covenant relationships and mutual accountability. In addition to many years of fruitful service in the Kingdom of God, the Tikkun International Board of Directors has had years of proven integrity in managing funds together and in each of their respective ministries. This includes audits, disclosure, and low administrative cost percentages that reflect our high standards of efficiency. For more information about Tikkun, please visit www.tikkuninternational.org.
  • December 21: Return to the States
  • December 27-28: Global One Thing Leadership, Kansas City
  • December 29-30: One Thing Conference
  • January 4-6: Beth Shalom, Corona, CA
  • January 7-8: Beth David, Fresno, CA
  • January 12-14: Church for All Nations, Tacoma, WA
  • Grace and safety for our family and friends in Israel during this recent upheaval and instability in the region; wisdom
  • Protection and grace for the staff in our home office in Frederick, MD.  Two of their family members are fighting serious cancer attacks
  • Fruitfulness, grace and safety as we carry out our intense itinerary; greater strength for Patty as she is still recovering from the negative effects of medicine from her heart surgery


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We want to thank you so much for your consistent support for our transition to Restoration from Zion, our ministry name as we continue to support all the work done in connection with the name Tikkun.  With your generous support, we are succeeding!
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