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This past month we had the privilege of ministering to and strengthening two congregations in our “family,” Rosh Pina in Baltimore, MD and Shomair Yisrael in Knoxville, TN.  At Rosh Pina we were so blessed to see new hope spring up as they have a new young couple (Dan and Berelyn Gillespie) interning for the position of senior leader.  They will be in a trial period of about a year to see if they are received and whether there is an 'amen' in their spirit for continuing in this role. They are very capable and work together well as a team.  Sometimes it seems as though the positions we move these young couples into is too big for them, but just being entrusted with greater responsibilities they grow spiritually and expand their leadership skill sets.

It is our hope that as younger couples/families are installed as the leaders, allowing for our “mature” generation to step back, that the Tikkun Congregations will again grow and bear much fruit.  In just about all of our congregations where the transition to the next generation has been successful we have seen a great advance in growth.  One example, is Shomair Yisrael.  They have not yet made a transition to a new leader, but have added by God’s grace, some healthy, spiritually mature, young families of eldership potential to come alongside Rabbi Michael Weiner.  They act as magnets and continue to attract other families. There was so much life and a new sense of unity and family amongst the members.  Again and again we observe the truth of Scripture that unless God builds a house we labor in vain!  It is God that speaks to the hearts of men and women and brings them into a local body to help build.  Shomair did not have any “congregational growth or building program” but through prayers and being faithful through longsuffering, God in his great mercy and grace, provided a wonderful building and is filling it with so many capable potential leaders!

The precious children of Shomair Yisrael in Knoxville, TN
This past summer Dan and I attended my family bi-annual reunion.  It was wonderful to see the generations enjoying that sense of being part of something bigger, something generational.  During these reunions, we have enjoyed hearing ancient history from the matriarch and patriarchs of the family.  There was a great turn out of the nieces and nephews as well as the “grand” ones.  Their time together was quite animated and a group of about seven of them decided to go to a tattoo parlor and have “you are my people” tattooed on their forearm. (We do not embrace the idea of tattoos.)  They said this phrase was a line from the series “The 100” which has been quite popular the last few years and still has quite a following. I am so removed from TV series so I did not have a clue as to what kind of show so captured them to the extent that they all wanted to get this tattoo.  So, I decided to begin watching the series (I stopped after I found the message).  Though there were several scenes I had to fast forward through because of inappropriate content, there was a strong message that almost jumped out of the screen.  The earth was recovering from a world-wide holocaust that took place over ninety years ago.  A few thousand people survived by going into outer space to live on space stations but after so many years their supplies were running out.  They were desperate so they sent 100 of their young people to earth to see if the earth was now inhabitable.  Over the course of time these young people discovered other people who survived on earth.  These people were divided up into “tribes” which were led by powerful leaders. These leaders were very protective of their people and devised ways of survival, even if it meant exploiting the other tribes or even destroying them.  Episode after episode tribe fought tribe, and I felt like shaking them and saying, “haven’t you learned anything from the past?  You are all part of one family, the family of human beings.  Why don’t you just work together to stay alive, embracing each other’s differences and giftings.”  Hence, came the line from one young woman who loved a man from another tribe, “You are my people.”

There is a heart cry today for unity, but the unity of the world is built upon force and oppression. The liberal agenda is One World Government, which is a counterfeit, a deception in direct contrast to Yeshua’s kingdom.  His kingdom is built upon love, freedom and sacrifice, of laying down one's life for another… on servanthood.  All of creation is groaning and waiting for us to get it (Romans 8:22).  We all have one Father, through whom all the families have received their name (Ephesians 3:14-19).  When we all receive in fullness the Spirit of adoption, the mistrust, completion and vying for prominence will cease.  We will become one people with a myriad of differences that enhance our oneness.  We will say of each other, “you are my people.”  We belong to each other!
We pray that you will prosper and be in joyful in the Lord.  We so enjoy hearing from you.

Dan and Patty

"You are my people"
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We are now coming to the end of the year.  We generally have been very appreciative of the special gifts that many give at this time of year, as the tax year comes to an end.  Your prayers and gifts go to support our ministry including travels, mentoring, and teaching in Israel and internationally. 

Restoration From Zion is the International apostolic and equipping ministry of Daniel and Patricia Juster based in Jerusalem. The ministry purposes to form solid networks of leaders around the world to partner towards the restoration of five-fold ministry (Eph. 4:11-13), building up the body so that we can all advance the unity of faith for Israel and the Church.

Restoration From Zion is a ministry of Tikkun International, a family of several apostolic ministries led by leaders with deep historic covenant relationships and mutual accountability. In addition to many years of fruitful service in the Kingdom of God, the Tikkun International Board of Directors has had years of proven integrity in managing funds together and in each of their respective ministries. This includes audits, disclosure, and low administrative cost percentages that reflect our high standards of efficiency. For more information about Tikkun, please visit www.tikkuninternational.org.
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  •    Continued abundance of provision for all our related ministries in Israel and around the world
  •    Protection and grace for the staff in our home office in Frederick, MD
  •    Strengthening of our family in Israel; grace and protection
  •    Increased power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and ministry
  •     Grace and fruitfulness as we do our itinerary in the States
  •     Grace and safety for our travels back to Israe

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