February 2015 Personal Newsletter
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February 2015
Prayer and Update Letter
Dr. Daniel and Patricia Juster
 Finally, brothers and sisters, rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you. (2 Corinthians 13:11)
Dan teaching at the "Do It" Group

- March 3-8: Teach at Gateways, Geneva, Switzerland
- March 9-12:  Tikkun International Board Meeting, Jerusalem

- Continued strength and fruitfulness in Israel
- Grace and protection for our daughters and their families in Israel
- Wisdom for Israel's government as they seek new elections - pray for God's perfect choice for a unified government
- Grace for our son and family as they make plans to move to Israel in July
- Grace for making this transition in moving Tikkun International office to Israel
Our new sanctuary at Ahavat Yeshua in Jerusalem
We made it!  We are back in Israel and are getting settled back into our routine for this side of the ocean.  With modern air travel it feels as if our two continents are almost connected.  We also experienced some kind of time warp as two and a half months have passed and people's lives have changed.  Little children have grown and started to walk, and some women have become pregnant ... I think there are six new pregnancies in our congregation now!  A lot can happen during the brief months we are in the States.
Already we have begun meeting with the young emerging leaders.  They have asked Dan to teach on the foundations of our faith to their "Do It" leadership group.  This group of twenty plus young adults meets every two weeks for impartation and discipleship.  We are so blessed to have such a high quality group of up-and-coming leaders at Ahavat Yeshua, our congregation here in Jerusalem.  I have included a picture of our first meeting this time back in the Land.  I have also included a picture of the congregation's new sanctuary.  It is so exciting to be meeting in a place where two other Messianic congregations meet during the weekend.


Now for some other news.  Before leaving the States we had to pack up our belongings from our base in Florida and prepare to move.  It is quite an amazing story about how this all came about.  Last year we moved out of our condominium in Florida and began to rent a bedroom from a dear friend of ours, Linda Okerstrom.  She has graciously allowed us to use her house as a base when we are in the States.  We keep a few sets of clothing and some office supplies there, and travel to the various parts of the country from this base.  That has been working fine all this year, but then something unexpected happened.  Two people came to Linda's door before Christmas and asked her if she wanted to sell her home.  Of course, she told them, 'No', as she and we, were very happy in our present accommodations.  However, the day after Linda returned from her vacation in Orlando (January 3), I was in my room having devotions when God began to speak to me, quite clearly, that all of us were to move to Kansas City and be part of the Kingdom Living Congregation in Merriam, one of our Tikkun congregations.  It just so happened that I had cancelled my ministry trip with Dan to Baltimore that weekend because of my back.  Linda's dear friends, who are like spiritual mentors to her and had been on vacation with her, just so happened to come back with her to spend the weekend at her home in Florida.  Their other plans had been cancelled as the couple they were going to visit caught the 'flu.  So, it was a divine set up, a kairos moment.  I came out of my room, sat down amongst the three of them and revealed what I was hearing.
That morning we experienced a sovereign move of the Spirit where each one of us heard in unison that God wanted Linda to move to be part of the community in Kansas City.  In a matter of minutes God moved her heart, and my heart, from Florida and to exchange the warm climate and hurricanes for winter storms and tornadoes.  Since our son Ben and his family are moving to Israel in July we no longer had a reason to stay in Florida.  Ministry and community has dried up for Linda and us in Florida and we have felt a big vacuum in our lives for several months.  So, Linda called the couple from Canada who were interested in her home, and within that same week they put a contract down on her home.  Just this week Linda returned from scouting out the land in Kansas City.  She was warmly received by the community there and within three days found a wonderful home and put a contract on it.  Linda's and our lives are bound together as family and we will continue to rent a room from her in Kansas.  She serves Tikkun as a development specialist and she has so much yet to contribute in her new congregational family.  How wonderful that God changed our hearts together about moving so that we would not be left without a base in the States.  We are all so very excited to be part of this wonderful community Kingdom Living and to be close to the IHOP ministries as well.  IHOP has been a very significant partner to us for many years.  We are convinced that this will be a strategic move and we look forward to this change.  How true this saying in Scripture, "In its time I will do it quickly" (Isaiah 60:22).

In Messiah's Love,
Dan and Patty
What is the ministry of Dr. Dan and Patty Juster?
They Extend the Kingdom of God through:

Outreaching to the Nations

  - Equipping, educating and sending forth those called to Messianic Jewish ministry from the Diaspora

  - Reconciling the Church to Israel and Israel to the Church - Toward Jerusalem Council II

  - Teaching in Bible Schools (MJBI and others) to train leaders; presently there are schools in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Argentina and Israel

Interfacing with the International Church

  - Exhorting and educating the Church regarding Jewish roots and responsibilities to the Jewish people

  - Fostering Jewish ministries in churches

Working with the Remnant In Israel

  - Training and discipling Hebrew-speaking young adults in Israel to be future Messianic Jewish leaders

  - Supporting the work of Revive Israel and Ohalei Rachamim Tents of Mercy in Israel

  - Working to establish the vision of the unity of the Body of Messiah in Israel
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