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Thank you for all your prayers these last six months.  Yes, it really has been six months since my surgery!  I recently had my check-up with my surgeon and he examined my x-rays.  He gave me a glowing report of the condition of my back.  The lumbar regions that were fused now have healthy bone growth and none of the screws have loosened.  He gave me the green light to begin physical therapy, exercise and even bending.  What a treat to be able to bend over – properly, of course – and pick up the many things I have been dropping on the floor!
This week I was able to sit through several dinner appointments without too much discomfort, go to services without my special zero gravity chair (for the first time in over two years), and be able to load the dishwasher and stand to wash dishes.  Even doing these tasks has become a joy to me since I have been so restrained for these last few years.  On Friday I had a delightful time of actually standing on my feet and making our Sabbath dessert with the assistance of my very capable five-year-old granddaughter.  The pain is still not gone and the doctor and others tell me that there will still be pain for some time, but diminishing.  Yet, things are already better.  Please continue to pray for complete freedom from pain.
Perhaps the greatest two obstacles for families making aliyah (immigrating to Israel) are finances and learning Hebrew, and they are interrelated.  The parents have to contend with earning enough to support their family, but to do this they have to know the language.  However, learning the language at a level where one can be a productive wage-earner may take years, which delays the time before being able to get a well paying job.  It is almost impossible for the mother to work because of the stress that moving to Israel puts on the children.  I do not know one successful story of an olim family getting established here without the mother staying at home to be an anchor for her children.  The children have to work through their own issues of learning Hebrew, living in a different culture, and being uprooted against their will.  There is very little money designated for Messianic Jews from the Jewish Agencies in comparison to the contributions made for religious Jews to get rooted and grounded here.  I think you can begin to see some of the challenges we are facing.
I would like to say a few more words about the children.  As I have watched my eight grandchildren, whose ages range from three to fifteen, I have seen the various levels of struggle that they go through.  Of course, the two who were born here have known nothing else.  But, even for our daughter’s family who live with us, when her two youngest went to nursery school and kindergarten, they had many breakdowns of anger because they could not understand what their teacher or friends were saying to them in Hebrew.  Then, there is the 15 year old who was thrown into public school with very little Hebrew and has had to learn ninth grade subjects taught only in Hebrew.  It is not too much to say that an older child is probably looking at falling up to two years behind their normal grade level.  That prospect is devastating to a straight “A” student.
The children also deal with the fear of losing their identities if they start speaking Hebrew. Not to mention the struggle with their attitudes of not really wanting to be here at all.  Hence, new olim families need a lot of prayer and we need to come up with better strategies to help young families get absorbed into this culture successfully.
There is another area, which also needs some additional prayer.  The Department of the Interior is again making it increasingly difficult for Messianic Jews to make aliyah.  There is a new exclusion they have added to block Messianic Jews from getting citizenship, and it is being applied even to those who are coming here as a descendant of a Jew (as opposed to coming as a Jew with a Jewish mother), which has been a safe category in the past.  Now, if they can prove that you have come here as a missionary to convert Jews then you are excluded from citizenship.  This creates a gray area because they try to categorize most Messianic Jews as missionaries.  They also have a new rule designed to make it more difficult for Israeli men to marry gentiles from abroad.  In order for them to bring their wives here they have to wait for the Department of the Interior to grant them a visa first.  This has never been the case before.  We have a friend whose new bride was stopped at the airport.  However, one day, thousands of Jews will be making aliyah from the States and other parts of the world in the midst of rising antisemitism.  Perhaps at this time the lid of control will be blown off and there will be once again be greater freedom for Messianic Jews to become citizens of Israel.

Dan and I are once again in the full swing of ministry in the Land and are greatly enjoying spending time mentoring young leaders.  We also are seeking to build deeper times between those of more mature age in our local congregation.  Dan also has a full schedule of teaching lined up.  Please continue to pray for wisdom as we seek God’s will concerning the many opportunities to minister.
Pictures from the Tikkun America Board Meeting held in Leawood, Kansas this last month.  It was a very productive time where these amazing men strategized about how to better equip the now 21 Tikkun Congregations.
  • February 14-15: Dan teaching at Haifa Theological Institute
  • February 21-22: Dan teaching at Haifa Theological Institute
  • February 28-29: Dan teaching at Haifa Theological Institute
  • March 7-10:  Dan teaching at Bible school in Kiev
  • March 14-17: Tikkun International board meeting, Israel
  • March 29-31: Sitting at Yeshua’s Feet leaders’ convocation
  • April 7-10: Dan and Patty ministering at Gateways Beyond, Cyprus
  • Restoration to calm in Israel and a workable peace agreement
  • Protection for both Palestinians and Israelis from violence
  • Grace for our children and families as they seek to get integrated into the Land
  • Grace to learn Hebrew for everyone
  • Patty’s back is slowly improving; thank you for your prayers
  • A greater openness for Israelis to hear and respond to the good news of the Kingdom
  • The gift of evangelism would be released this year
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