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Patty: It is a wonderful thing when God opens doors and makes divine appointments.  At this time in Kansas City, opportunities are opening up for me to minister.  Even though I might be “benched” because of my back surgery, God gives me occasions where I can release my heart in various venues.  Plus, many friendships are being made with those at IHOP who have been carrying the Israel mandate seriously.  How grateful we are for these seasoned prayer warriors who stand in the gap on behalf of our people and Israel.  How good it has been to be used to encourage them in their labor.  I have been able to attend a few prayer sets for Israel at the IHOP prayer room.

Kingdom Living has started an Israel focus home group of Jew and Gentile, which meets at the home where we are staying while we are in the States.  I was asked to share at the first two meetings.  I had a chance to impart revelation of what the new man of Ephesians 2:11-15 looks like.  There have been a lot of sermons and books on this topic but from what the attendees said, I brought some new perspectives to this controversial issue.  Maybe I will share some of my insights in our next newsletter.
Patty speaking at the new Kingdom Living home group
Dan: I was invited to share at the leadership summit at IHOP (International House of Prayer) and then to be on two panels, one on Israel and one on Islam and Racism.  Being in partnership with IHOP is one of those very special relationships, which originally began 25 years ago when our leadership visited Kansas City.  It was a great joy to share about the “Last Days” message on the resurrection of the Messianic Jewish Community in Israel and the times in which we live and are to come.  There was a very good response.  New relationships were formed as well that I expect will have implications for the advancing of the Kingdom.

I was scheduled to teach a course on “Israel, the Church and the Last Days Eschatology” for The King’s University/Messianic Jewish Bible Institute.  They have relocated from California to be part of the Gateway campus in Dallas, TX.  However, due to the mechanics of establishing a new organization, the course was not significantly promoted and has had to be rescheduled.  Nevertheless, I thought it best to make the trip since I was also to train the Jewish ministry staff for Gateway Church.  In addition, I wanted to have a meeting with Robert Morris on his role in Jewish ministry as well as time with the Jewish ministry pastor of Gateway.  These meetings were very important and very meaningful.  As a side benefit, I was able to spend time with my brother-in-law after several years, which was a special reunion   (My sister died in 2010).  I also had an appointment with John Kelly of the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders and with the Missions Pastor of Gateway Church.

We pray that you have a blessed new year and that you will prosper in every way.  We cannot thank you enough for your ongoing faithfulness.  You are a blessing!
In Messiah's Love,
Dan and Patty
Welcoming in the New Year in Jerusalem - we were not there but our son and his family were.  We can’t wait to go home and be with both our family and our congregation!  How we miss them.
  • January 15:  Return to Israel
  • February 14-15 : Dan teaching at Haifa Theological Institute
  • February 21-22: Dan teaching at HTI
  • February 28-29: Dan teaching at HTI
  • March 14-17: Tikkun International board meeting, Israel
  • March 29-31: Sitting at Yeshua’s Feet leaders’ convocation
  • April 7-10: Dan and Patty ministering at Gateways Beyond, Cyprus
  • Restoration to calm in Israel and a workable peace agreement
  • Protection for both Palestinians and Israeli’s from violence
  • Grace for Dan and Patty as they re-enter Israel – quick recovery from jet lag
  • Patty’s back is slowly improving; pray that her x-ray would show good bone fusion at the six month mark
  • A greater openness for Israelis to hear and respond to the good news of the Kingdom
  • The gift of evangelism would be released this year
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