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Greetings to all of you as we enter into this new year, great with opportunity and yet foreboding for Israel.  We firmly believe that God will protect Israel and fulfill all of his promises to our people.

Patty: A highlight this last month was the Bar Mitzvah of our oldest grandson, Natan.  He had his ceremony at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem, with a traditional reading from the Torah and the chanting of blessings.  We had an amazing Chazzan (cantor) to assist and he made it humorous as well as serious.  We were all in awe at the significance of this event taking place at the Wall, perhaps the first of Dan's family on his father's side.  In Jewish traditions this is a very important step in transitioning to manhood.  I hope you can get a little of the sense of holiness of this transaction from some of the pictures.  Natan grew a couple of inches in stature, in my opinion.  He did an amazing job!


Dan: Before I write about our current itinerary in the United States, I want to explain the deep burden we bear for the United States and Western democratic nations.  Just recently, three of those nations - France, Britain and the United States - supported the Security Council resolution 2334 in the United Nations that declared Jewish towns and villages that were built east of the 1948 armistice line to be illegal.  The United States did this by abstaining.  This was new made up law, not based on any precedent of international law, but in agreement with the Red Cross division on law interpretation.  Since there was never a Palestinian State, Israel cannot be illegally occupying a State.  But that is not the most egregious aspect of the resolution.  By declaring everything over the green armistice line with Jordan as illegal, they made the historically Jewish neighborhood of the Old City illegal, including the medieval synagogues in the Jewish Quarter, the Western Wall, and the Jewish cemetery on the Mount of Olives.  Also included is Hebrew University and Hadassah Hospital on Mt. Scopus, both of which existed before the '48 war and were never envisioned to be emptied of Jews.  So I consider this resolution to be a day of infamy.  But God does see, and we are glad that the new U. S. administration has promised a change of approach to Israel.

We hit the ground running when we attended the Pre-Summit meetings of the One Thing Conference of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.  I, Dan, was able to serve on three panels on topics of importance.  They dealt with issues of government, ministry, and more.  Also, I served on a panel on Israel at the One Thing Conference itself where a few thousand people attended.  It was great to be reunited with our friends at IHOP whose prayer support, we believe, has been foundational to our success as a ministry.

From IHOP we traveled to Denver, North Carolina, for ministry to one of our new congregational plants, Beth Tikkun, led by Avi and Tzofiya Rogers.  One of the great aspects of this congregation is the contingent of young leaders: three Messianic Jewish couples with great potential.

After Denver, we flew to Washington, D. C. for our first annual Institute for the congregational leaders in the Mid Atlantic region.  Over 80 attended our Institute on Messianic Jewish Worship.  It was a wonderful time.  We had to delay our flight on the morning due to the snow, and with a hour and a half delay, and then baggage delays, one damaged bag and one not delivered, we were only able to reach the Institute an hour later than scheduled.  We were able to shorten the lunch and break period, and shorten the seminar to enable us to present the most important content.  Our seminar presented the value of the Jewish traditional content and its first century roots.  I also presented the influence of first century Jewish liturgy on the basic worship service of the early Church, but especially on the communion service.   The big emphasis is that New Covenant Messianic Jewish Worship needs to be full of New Covenant content.  The New Covenant Scriptures provide the model where the Father and Son are always exalted together, and where what God has done for us through Yeshua the Messiah permeates the texts that scholars believe are rooted in the worship of the early Messianic Jewish community.

Of course, our hearts are in Israel with our family and the forward progress of seeing the networks of congregations grow.

Thank you  for your continued and much needed support in prayer and in financial giving.

Dan and Patty
Dan teaching at the breakout session on the current crisis in the Middle East

Dan being prayed over by representatives from key nations that voted for the UN resolutions against Israel, repenting on their countries behalf.
  • January 11-14: Shomair Yisrael, Knoxville, TN
  • January 14-15:  Nashville, TN Tikkun Leadership Institute
  • January 16-20: Dan teaching at MJBI/Kings University in Dallas, TX
  • January 21: Dan minister at Baruch HaShem Congregation, Dallas, TX
  • January 22: Dan minister at the Western Tikkun Leadership Institute in Phoenix, AZ
  • January 26-28:  Dan and Patty minister at Beit Simcha, Allentown, PA
  • January 29:  New York/New Jersey/PA Tikkun Leadership Inst, meeting at Beth Am Messiah, New City, NY
  • February 2-4: Minister at Beit Mashiach Cong, Greenacres, FL 
  • Grace for building an apostolic network in Israel; strategies for building cooperative unity
  • Protection and grace for the staff in our home office in Frederick, MD.  They work so faithfully to support all the related ministries of Tikkun
  • Extra prayer for the Juster's extended family as they have been experiencing a number of sicknesses and other challenges more than usual
  • Grace for Dan and Patty as they travel; health and fruitfulness
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