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Here we are back in our homeland, Israel.  It is always so wonderful to come home to our three children and their families.  Our arms overflow with these eleven precious grandchildren!  Therefore, we rejoice in our inheritance and we are strengthened from our travels.

As we overcome jetlag I have had a few days to reflect on the beauty of our Lord shining through the many faces where we ministered.  We had a pretty intense travel schedule during December but God ordered our steps and blessed us tremendously.  It is always seems like a miracle when we finish our Stateside itinerary with no cancelled flights and debilitating snow storms.  I breathed a sigh of relief when the plane set down its wheels in Israel!


We started out our December travels with a visit to Shomair Yisrael in Knoxville, TN.  Our visit with Mike Weiner and his leadership team was so encouraging.  We have seen great growth in this congregation during these last two years and were so pleased to get to know their young emerging leaders.  It brings such joy to us when we see our friends prospering in the Lord and getting established in their destiny.


The children of Shomair Yisrael singing Hanukkah songs
Next, we traveled to Ocala, FL where we visited a new congregational plant under Rabbi Mark and Katherine Rantz.  Again, we were so blessed to see this couple, who have overcome many obstacles, beginning to prosper and flourish.  We met many wonderful people and were excited to see much new talent arising in their midst.  A real family unity is being built.
There was also a special treat for us in Ocala.  Our dear friends, David and Emma R. had lunch with us and we are able to catch up on many personal details of our lives.  They are becoming snowbirds and are spending the cold winter months in Florida. Hopefully, they will be able to join us at the annual Tikkun Conference.

Beit Hallel, Ocala, FL with Rabbi Mark and Kat Rantz
From Ocala we flew to Allentown, PA where we ministered at Beit Simcha.  We were able to meet with some new leadership couples and participated in the ordination of a new eldership couple.  Again, we were so pleased to see new growth and excitement. Dan also was able to share at a city-wide pastor’s fellowship and made some significant contacts with Pastors who are burdened for Israel.
The ordination of a new elder at Beit Simcha
We then drove to the New York City area and ministered at a church that is built on the model of IHOP in Kansas City.  They have many hours a week covered with harp and bowl worship and prayer.  Eastern Gate IHOP has such a vision for connecting with Israel and even has a prayer room dedicated for praying for Israel. They have a live stream video playing of the Western Wall in Jerusalem and they even have an authentic Torah scroll!

On that Monday we had a Pastors’ fellowship at the Jacobs’ home near New City, NY.  During this time the women washed me with the Word and even sang over me, adding strength to my weary body.  I usually find myself at the end of my physical and mental strength at the end of each travel time in the States but these dear sisters carried me over the finish line!

Needless to say, God is birthing in me a deeper understanding of his grace operating in my life.  Grace is so much more than unmerited favor.  His divine grace enables me to obey, to say no to temptation and to complete my race.  Truly when I am weak, he is strong.

Next week we will be traveling to Toledo, Spain to minister at an Aglow gathering.  Both Dan and I will be speaking, and of course, I will be sharing about the wonderful grace of our Lord and Savior!
We look forward to this new year and all the opportunities to serve him in this Land. We will be continuing to work with the strength he gives us to build his kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  We press on to love the “one” whom God puts before us. 
We anticipate much time being invested in emerging young leaders in Israel.  This is our primary focus.  Through leaders we see advance in the congregations in the Land connected to us.

May your arms overflow with his blessings in this year ahead and may you find his provision and strength in everything he has called you to do!  Thank you so much for much needed prayer and support.

With love and appreciation,
Dan and Patty
A few of the Tikkun America leadership team enjoying sharing their victories, challenges and needs for prayer
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  • Continued abundance of provision for all our related ministries in Israel and around the world
  • Protection and grace for the staff in our home office in Frederick, MD
  • Strengthening of our family in Israel; grace and protection
  • Increased power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and ministry
  • Grace and fruitfulness as we continue our work in Israel

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