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Ben: This has been a year of fairly significant transitions. As of December 31st, I have said goodbye to my role as Executive Director with Tikkun International after 11 joyous years of service to over 40 affiliated emissaries and ministries in Israel.  But I’m not leaving the “Tikkun Global family.”  I will continue to work closely with Asher Intrater and the other Tikkun leaders to build relationships among leaders, networks, and churches, and to support bridging these connections in Israel.


With the start of this new year, I have been installed as the President for Tikkun America, our growing network of over 25 Messianic congregations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Though I have served with the Tikkun America Apostolic team for many years, it is a sobering honor that they have entrusted me with this next season of leadership.  And my father is not going anywhere.  Though his travel schedule may change over the coming months and years, he will remain very engaged in overseeing the network and facilitating the transition.


God has been filling me with vision for this new season. Of particular note is the inspiration I have been drawing from Genesis 26 (I encourage you to read through it afresh). Though the Torah mentions Isaac as the least of the trio (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob), he had a seminal role that I feel bears spiritual significance. He re-dug the wells of his father Abraham. To me, this alludes to my important role of making sure that the pioneering theology and work of my father, Daniel, are refurbished and maintained by God’s grace.


Isaac also dug new wells and discovered “living water!” I have been sensing that God wants to bring renewed vision and purpose to our Tikkun America family. As part of this transition, there will be new sources of the Living Water of the Spirit that are released upon us. Some will be fought over, but there will be those that remain. We are called together to take new ground and open new kingdom sources of life and fruitfulness. I’ll be sharing more about this in the months ahead. Please stand with us in prayer and support as we launch into this new season.

Happy New Year from the Juster Tribe



Patty: It is hard to believe, but we have been traveling back and forth between homes, the States and Israel, for almost sixteen and a half years! We have experienced the trials of moving to a new country, learning a new language and culture, while still carrying a full workload overseeing a network in the States. When we are in Israel for a season, we just begin to make progress in our absorption process when we have to travel to the States again. Our calling was also to minister to the members and leaders of our more than 25 Tikkun America affiliated congregations and ministries. We continually find ourselves caught between two worlds and never fully able to join either one. So, in many ways, we are stuck in the painful process of getting established in a new land, not being able to fully “join,” yet being asked almost every week why we do not know Hebrew better.


Fortunately, my tears of frustration have ended as I have learned that my job description is “Mother” and are not subject to the “indigenity” scale (how Israeli I am). My work can be done out of the home, on the streets, in congregations, or on the road. Hebrew is not a prerequisite. I can use the universal language of food and hugs and a listening ear. The “work” of loving and nurturing others is very portable. Since we have been so much in the place of unsettledness, it has given me a huge heart of compassion for these precious young couples and families who are in the process of becoming part of the land and culture. They are my heroes. Like Moses, they have chosen to leave their life of comfort and to come here and share in the suffering of their people. It is not easy and, yes, there are giants in the Land! Often their decision to come here is challenged by many obstacles with the Department of Interior (who has the authority to say you are Jewish or not, to decide whether you can stay or have to leave). The struggles of learning a language and earning a living are enormous! Not everyone is being financed by foreign support, and this makes the possibility for them to remain here very difficult. Those that do raise their own support from abroad have to travel abroad with their families for at least two months a year in order to sustain their support base. Many of these young women are still in the crying season. And, sadly to say, the pressures of living here have taken a toll on many marriages and families. There have been several very painful divorces, most of them initiated by the wife. I could write a whole book on the hardships they face every day. So, our passion is to do everything we can do to make these families successful so that they can become fully rooted here, bearing much fruit in the years to come.


I cannot take away the suffering of these precious women I mentor, but I can encourage them to press into God and impart faith to them that God hears their cries. I can encourage them to never to give up…that God is on their side.  He will give them strength and make a way where there is no way!


Yes, a “Mother in Israel” - that is what I want to be when I grow up :)


Dan: Patty and I are entering that good season where we are settled for several months in Israel.  Our hope is to add our wisdom where we are part of governing councils and to pour our lives into young leaders in our congregation here in Jerusalem and in the network of congregations in Israel.


Many Blessings,


Dan and Patty, and Ben and Lorena

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Ongoing ministry in Israel, mentoring, building up the body of the Messiah.  Dan functions as elder at Ahavat Yeshua and Ben at Melech HaMalchim

  • Continued abundance of provision for all our Tikkun related ministries in Israel and around the world
  • Grace as the final transitions are made to move the Tikkun International office to Dallas, TX.  The Tikkun America office will remain in Maryland.
  • A speedy healing for Dan as he recovers from surgery January 5

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