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Greetings from Jerusalem! Patty and I just arrived back in Israel on Monday after our flight from Kennedy Airport.  It has been a good trip and seemed like we were dodging the Corona bullets from city to city. We canceled two trips and met by Zoom, but kept most of the other dates that were rescheduled from the May to August timeframe.  Ben and I traveled to Phoenix together.  That was an important trip.  We return to Jerusalem with a new lockdown being enforced by the government.  We were tested for the virus, and now we have to remain in quarantine whatever the results.  Two weeks is enjoined, but I think it can be ten days if we get another test on the 9th day that is also negative.  The government talks about a Corona passport which will permit people to go to gyms, restaurants and events.  It looks like this is where things are going.  Massive vaccination is taking place, and many will do it to get the passport.  Patty and I are praying and trusting the Holy Spirit to lead us in all of this. 

In the midst of this, the government of Israel has fallen, and new elections are scheduled.  At the present time, the future of Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister looks more tenuous than ever.  Some have left his party to join a new party under Gideon Saar, the New Hope Party. 

I am very enthused about our return to Israel.  I have major tasks in helping our Jerusalem congregation as we come out of the Corona lock downs, and working to see a strong Bible Theological institute that is in accord with our theological values for training leaders.  Then we are to serve the new Tikkun Israel fellowship of congregations in Israel.  My roles are not in organizational leadership but mentoring, encouraging and sharing the wisdom of a life time of leadership.  We appreciate your continued support for both generations of the Justers.  Ben as well, as he is continuing in his role in supporting Tikkun Global and seeing an alignment of the Church with the restored remnant of Israel.  Resourcing the works in the Land is a major part of the vision or our ministry.  Meanwhile I do feel compelled to say something about the recent US election so my supporters might gain some sense of where I am.  If you disagree, please be forgiving. This is being included as an appendix to this letter (at the very bottom of this email) if you desire to gain my perspective at this time.  

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HOPE-full IN 2021

There is no doubt that we are living in unpredictable times of shaking. So many (I admit, myself included!) were hoping that the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 would bring a welcome respite from so much of the craziness of the previous months.  It didn't take many days into the New Year to realize that much of the turmoil from the news has found its way into this "fresh start".

Yet, in a time of prayer I was reminded how important it is that we do not lose hope.  The greatest opportunity for the Gospel is historically during times of shaking and uncertainty.  And as Paul says, "Our hope does not disappoint because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirt who has been given to us." (Romans 5:5). It is possible to develop a following and a measure of influence through criticism and alarmism.  Fear does attract the anxious. Yet, we are called to be a witness of the hope of our salvation and to draw many -- any who would come -- unto Yeshua!  It is not an easy life, but when we are right with God, we experience unspeakable joy.

For more about my exhortation for 2021, I encourage you to listen to this podcast from last week with my dear friends in the UK, Daphne and Andrew Kirk.  Just click on the image below or visit: https://radicallifestyle.simplecast.com and search for "Ben Juster".  

May you be filled with hope for 2021!
 With love ... The Justers

Ben shares about the possibility of us all being able to have a HOPE-full New Year.
Dan and Ben (not pictured) teaching about One New Man at a seminar in Phoenix.
One of many Zoom prayer meetings with international Leaders.
Our recent family photo just before our move to the US.
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Jan 20-23: Ben - Dunamis Fellowship Intl, NC

  • Strategy for the coming year and effectiveness in proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom.
  • Continued abundance of provision for all our Tikkun related ministries in Israel and around the world
  • Much prayer is needed not just for Messianic believers in the Land but around the world who are presently unemployed.  God will provide as he did for the Israelites when they went through the wilderness.
  • Continued health for Juster clan


Appendix on the Election and the Evangelicals

Whether or not you believe there was massive fraud (and I do believe there was great fraud as too many top people I trust the most have examined the issues and concluded this), it does not seem it will make a difference.  Barring a major miracle between now and January 20th, Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th President.  It now looks like those who repudiate God’s Law will be gaining great power in the next season.  This is very troubling to Israelis, who gave President Trump a 72% approval rating due to his polices on Israel and the Middle East.  We Israelis tend to evaluate policy mostly on how it effects Israel.  But there are other important matters.  The broad Evangelical support for President Trump is over 81%.  Then there are the prophetic voices who claimed Trump would be elected for a second term.  I never joined in prediction either for the first or second term.  If someone wanted to know my position on policy and on President Trump, the best book I can recommend is by Dr. Michael Brown, Will Evangelicals Pass the Trump Test?.  Michael laid out the case for supporting Trump for the greater importance of his policies while being conflicted about serious shortcomings in the President’s behavior.  I have found that those who were over the top Trump supporters and over the top Trump despisers, could not talk to each other or empathetically understand the concerns of the other.  This included those Evangelicals who were over the top pro-Trump people and that minority of Evangelicals who were over the top anti-Trump people.  I like to think that the majority of Evangelicals were not in these two extremes. I have had to defriend Facebook friends in these two extremes due to the fact that some, though professing Christians, were nasty and ungodly in their responses and would not repent.  

What is my evaluation now?

  1. It was reasonable for people to support President Trump for his policies in-spite of his character flaws.  Many Evangelicals, who are not charismatic, did so, not on the basis of prophetic words but on the basis of policy.  Most Evangelicals, I believe, fit in this category.  They are now disappointed and sad to see the loss of polices they supported, from abortion restrictions, religious liberty, school choice, and very pro-Israel policies, leading to Middle East peace agreements. 

  2. Some, mostly Charismatics and Pentecostals, were struck by the prophetic words given before Trump was elected the first time.  The predictions of his election included those that were given way back in 2011, others before it was known that he was running, and some during the primaries.  When I read some of these late in the process before the election, I was quite amazed.  It did seem that there was prophecy of significance.  I do not know many of these people, but I did know some personal friends who confirmed his election.  The words came true in the first election. 

  3. Many prophetic voices predicted, very definitely with no contingencies, his second term.  Again, barring a stupendous intervention, this will not happen.  Biden has been given the electoral confirmation in Congress.  

  4. How do we respond to the prophetic aspect?  A few prophetic leaders have repented of their missing it, and one known figure is suspending prophetic ministry and seeking prayer and council.  Some years ago, one of John Wimber’s prophetic leaders told me that the prophetic landscape is always changing.  One voice that was prominent in predicting Trump’s first election predicted his second term, but also had a time of wrestling and thought that the President was so like King Nebuchadnezzar that God would remove him.  He now thinks he missed it, maybe because of soulish attachment to the idea of a second term.  Another who had a more recent prophecy before the election heard that President Trump would lose.  He said that it was God’s original intent that Trump serve two terms, but that Christians put their trust in Trump in a wrong way as in idolatry.  They were tasked to be the instrument to see him change, but they have rather become coarsened like him.  It is true, as he noted, that the Bible does give us texts that talk about God changing  directions in response to human beings.  It has not been my experience that Christians in general were over the top in trusting Trump, but I certainly know some who were.  I do not know the percentages. 

  5. It is possible that some prophets that wanted the outcome and were given amazing words for his first term may have not been open to hear about the change of God’s direction.  They may have just doubled down about the original intent of God for two terms.  Prophets have to maintain a non-prejudice way in hearing God.  We need to be gracious to them, but they do need to repent.  I know several prophets who are humble, godly and submitted to counsel.  They are not in the company of those who are the most famous in media.  Some did not make predictions about this election and some did, but all prayed their hearts out.  It is a time for soul searching and repentance.  I have been sad to see some act in manipulative ways, demanding that people believe them and quoting the Bible, “Believe in God and believe his prophets” (2 Chronicles 20:20).  This is not the nature of New Testament prophecy.  Each person must test and confirm words in their own hearts. I should note that some prophecy is given by God as an absolute of what He will do.  I have received accurate words like this that are presented as an unconditional words.  It is good that prophets ask God which kind of word they are being given. One prophetic leader says that we should always take prophecy as conditional and to pray into their fulfillment unless God says it is an absolute decree.

  6. During the period before and after the election, Patty and I have connected to numerous prayer meetings.  They were held by godly friends whom we have known for years.  I don’t believe that these prayer meetings were mobilized due to the influence of the prophets.  Some were, but we know so many who were praying for God to expose the evil and fraud, bring repentance and revival to the Church and for God’s will for this situation.  There have been deep cries, fasting and groaning.  We have been aligned with these prayers. 

  7. The protest last week at the Capitol ended badly with bad actors undercutting the cause of those peacefully protesting fraud.  They actually undercut the evidence being presented to congress and furthered the final decision to confirm Joe Biden.  Those involved in breaching the Capitol need to be prosecuted.  While there was one leftist spurring them on and recorded on film asking the police to let them in, the majority of the group now seems to be radial right extremists.  When will the radical violent left and the violent radical right be finally repudiated and brought to justice?

  8. Post-election, we are now seeing the revenge of the left.  It is intense.  Social media is now going after conservatives, not those calling for violence, but those raising legitimate concerns.  There is de-platforming, banning, and cancelling.  Social media censorship is now blatant and massive.  Many of my friends are in grief, especially after the Georgia elections that shifted the balance of the Senate.  

So those are the main points, but now for some historic analysis.   Since my days at Wheaton College, I have been convinced that Christians were responsible to influence all the spheres of the culture toward embracing the Law of God.  This included politics.  The founder of Wheaton College, Jonathan Blanchard, made this the founding vision of Wheaton College.  Yet, our Kingdom is ultimately not of this world and we await the New Jerusalem to come down from heaven. That Kingdom is an influence at this time. Ultimately our hope is in the return of Yeshua.  But until we see the anti-Christ, we fight for justice in the society as defined by the Bible.  Do read my book Social Justice for a summary of the biblical norms for such.  

What are the keys for biblical progress in society?  History provides us two ways.  The first is that discipling biblical communities are spreading the Gospel and growing at a great level. They are attracting many due to their superior life example.  This is the advance and influence from the quality of the people of God.  I have been reading a great book by Rodney Stark, The Rise of Christianity, How the Obscure Marginal Jesus Movement became the Dominant Religious Force in the Western World in a Few Centuries.  Stark provides many reasons, but in one of his central chapters, he shows the biblical conception of human beings in the image of God, the elevation of women by monogamous and faithful marriage, the opposition to the common practices of abortion and infanticide attracted new followers.  Christians served not only one another but the larger society during the plagues that wiped out 1/3 of the population of the Empire from 160-260 A. D.  Instead of abandoning the sick, they poured out their lives for the sick.  This enabled a higher percentage of Christians to survive.  The population perceived supernatural grace in their survival. Christians became the greatest force in the Empire by the beginning of the 4th century.  Constantine recognized this and soon professed conversion.  We can debate whether that was good or bad.  But good influences continued.  Emperor Justinian reformed the Roman law code to bring it into conformity to Biblical Law.  Yes, I know the deficits of historic Christianity, but it would have been a much darker world without historic Christianity.

The second way of influence was through mighty outpourings of the Spirit.  Signs and wonders took place among the small band of the followers of St. Patrick.  The response produced a deeply committed and godly people.  The first great awakening under Jonathan Edwards paralleled by Wesley and Whitfield in England produced major social gains in the following years. It influenced the birth of the United States and the ending of slavery in the British Empire.  The Second Great Awaking under such figures as Charles Finney, led to a massive anti-slave movement.  This led to movements to bring American Law into conformity to God’s Law in ending slavery, child labor, and the abuse of women.  Women’s rights movements were Christian movements.  

The last few years have been an anomaly in history.  The best prophetic words about President Trump were that this season was a respite of mercy for the Church to get its life in order.  However, he was not the answer, but an opportunity if our response was right.  This would have been a response of repentance, prayer, and seeking revival.  Our good friend Mike Bickle prayed that God would give us four more years of the respite because we were we seeing massive prayer mobilization.  He believes these have mostly been right hearted and were a unified cry for justice, revival and a push back against evil.  Indeed, people have been gripped by the evil they see coming and have been crying out.  We are in support of that.  Yet again, here is the anomaly.  In all of history I know of no great change in society in the eras of Church history that came from a leader while the church was in decline in discipleship, Godliness, and apathy.  Yes, in ancient Israel there was revival lead by a few righteous kings.  But that has not applied in Church history.  

What is the condition of the American Evangelical Church including charismatics?  First on the issue of revival—we are not in revival.  Overall, our numbers are in decline.  There are some vibrant churches doing it right, with effective prayer, holiness, discipleship and evangelism.  However, the statistics for most of the Church are alarming.  Surveys reveal that the majority do not understand a biblical world view, and a large minority of over 40 percent do not understand that Yeshua is fully deity, that salvation is only through faith in the sacrifice of Yeshua, not by works.  We have given our youth over to the larger culture and its influence.  Indeed, the election of Donald Trump was not the answer.  The society has continued its decline into the social darkness of cancel culture, and the abortionist, hedonistic, and LGBTQ agenda increase counter to biblical norms.  Speaking against these issues will be labeled hate speech.  Some of us hoped that deep repentance and revival would come with Trump as President.  They hoped for Trump himself to have a deep transforming encounter. 

So how do we respond to the present situation?  More political action is not the answer, though I am hoping for a reversal of the losses.  All of the culture formation institutions are controlled by the ungodly.  Until the Anti-Christ is revealed, we are still to be responsible to influence the culture.  But our primary emphasis has to be on the condition of the Church.  We must cry out for mercy and for revival.  Secondly, we have to repent of building the entertaining church, the non-challenging church that preaches an easy, false gospel of cheap grace.  We have to measure ourselves by the quality of the discipleship, and that we do not lose our young people.  Do we understand that they are constantly on their electronic devices and have not deeply met the Lord, nor are they reading the Word and spiritual books?  Do we understand the damage in that they are mostly in a public education system that is discipling them into the prevailing culture?  Even were there to be a second Trump term, we need a reversal of the direction of the Church.  We cannot long influence the culture unless the church is healthy and growing.  If people put too much trust in what Donald Trump could bring, they were deluded.  In this time of deep challenge, it is time to seek God like never before.


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