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JULY 2021
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Shalom! There is something so touching about reuniting with extended family — aunts/uncles, nieces/nephews and cousins. This past month, we had the pleasure of joining a family reunion (for my mother’s side) in upstate New York. What a joy to reconnect with one another and to celebrate with multiple generations of families with children. We were able to catch up and hear one another’s stories. My heart was full and already looking forward to next time.

Even so, there is greater joy when we participate in gatherings where the family of God comes together (both physical and spiritual) to worship Him. When we celebrate who God is and minister in love one to another, the joy level rises to overwhelming levels. The song that paraphrases John 15:11-12 comes to mind: “this is my commandment that you love one another, that your joy may be full.” Love leads to joy. Yeshua exhorted us to pursue the joy that would remain by abiding in His love.

In these summer months, when many families take some vacation travel or spend more time in leisure activities, I encourage you to be intentional in gathering together with other believers. This will help to restore your joy level and lead to the kind of Re-Creation that prepares you for the next season of planting and harvest in the Kingdom.


Benjamin Juster

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Dan's Update

Greetings to all of you. Patty and I will soon finish our three-month stint in the United States. This is now our schedule. As a couple, Patty and I plan to be in America for three months a year from mid-May to mid-August primarily to strengthen the congregations in the Tikkun America Network and to make connection to church partners for the Israel focus of ministry that Ben and Lorena Juster share with us in Restoration from Zion of Tikkun Global. I will also be in America annually for 3 weeks in November. So, as you can all see, the focus for Patty and I is mainly Israel. 

It is very interesting that at this stage of our life, Patty and I are very much renewing the focus of where we began in ministry some 49 years ago when I accepted my first call to pastor in Chicago at what became Adat Ha Tikvah. It was to build a discipling community emphasizing long term covenant relationships that last a life time. Some from those days are still close friends. The discipleship book, Growing to Maturity, which is by far the most widely used book on discipleship within Messianic congregations was developed from lessons I created for new believers in Chicago. It is now used in Russian, Spanish and Hebrew. We have seen good success in building discipling communities. This is central to Tikkun. However, we are growing and can see how we can do so much more.

Early on, Patty and I perceived that small groups for mutual support and accountability were essential to discipleship. One of our emphases going forward in Israel and America is still influence and help for our communities becoming serious discipling covenant communities based in small groups of mutual support and accountability. Recently Patty and I have connected to books that are from a movement Life Model Works. They were recommended to us from our leaders in Baltimore.  They are amazing. Basically, they put forth an argument about discipleship being connected to correction and encouragement on how to walk out loving one’s enemies, not justifying ourselves, walking in humility and obeying the commandments of Yeshua.

Discipleship must not be only the rational information self, but the intuitive and automatic reaction self (some call this the right brain, but I use other terms since I am not a materialist). How this happens in community is a key. Most cannot be discipled without community where members are pledged to mutual encouragement and correction in humility. However, the authors point out that all have a narcissistic component that does not take correction or healthy exhortative messages well. Many leaders have strong narcissistic tendencies and cannot be corrected. They keep control by toxic shame messages and assertions. The books explain partly at least why so many leaders fall. They are not part of groups that foster real accountability and correction in humility, where they learn not to defend, argue or self-justify. This is a missing element in much of the Church world. For my readers who would like to get an introduction see Michael Hendricks and Jim Wilder, The Other Half of the Church.  

Yes, we are still excited to do all we can to foster discipling covenant communities, that we do not lose our children in the next generation!

Daniel Juster

Precious time with extended family on Patty's side.
Dan and Patty with that 50th Anniversary glow. Congratulations and thank you for your godly example!
Ben and Lorena's daughter Abby returns home after ACL surgery.
Our recent family photo just before our move to the US.
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Jul 16-18: Dan and Patty - Or Chaim, CO
Jul 23-24: Dan and Patty - Beth Shalom, CA
Jul 30-31: Dan and Patty - Beth David, CA
Aug 5-8: Ben - Tikvat Israel, VA
Aug 6-7: Dan and Patty - Remnant of Israel, KS
ug 11: Dan and Patty Return to Israel
Aug 26-29: Ben - Beth Messiah, Bradenton, FL
  • Continuing US Travel Schedule in July and August for Dan and Patty
  • Ben and Lorena's daughter's recovery from ACL surgery
  • Ben and Lorena ministry in Restoration from Zion as their international ministry base; grace leading the Tikkun America network.
  • Abundance of provision for all Tikkun-related ministries in Israel and around the world
  • Effectiveness in mentoring leaders in Israel and the Americas
  • Continued health for Juster clan

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