JUNE 2015

Dr. Daniel and Patricia Juster
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Dear Jonathan,
Dan speaking at the leadership conference of Tikkun America
Last week we finished the 33rd annual Tikkun America conference, now called “Restore.”  We began with a day to catch up with the senior leaders of the Tikkun America Network congregations and then moved into three days of leadership equipping and empowering.  Almost everyone we talked to said that this was the best conference ever and words were used like, “historical,” and “monumental”.  They felt that a dynamic shift took place in the heavenlies.  The theme of the conference was about unity, unity between God and man, husband and wife, Jew and Gentile and amongst the members of the body of Messiah.  The conference was inspirational, motivational and memorable.
Asher Intrater, Ché Ahn, Daniel Juster, Jason Sobel, Tom Blake and others were among the speakers.  We also had amazing worship teams leading us in praise of God; dynamic teams, from several of the Tikkun America congregations.  Over the main weekend conference we had Paul Wilbur and Judah and Jen Morrison leading us in worship.  The highlight for many was during the leadership portion of the conference when Dan spoke on the importance of the five-fold ministry operating in right alignment for creating unity.  Also, things seemed to advance in the Spirit when Asher spoke, both during the week and when he received a word from the Spirit on the spot from God’s love for the international Church.  He was reading from Ephesians 5:25 and was moved to tears when he understood that he was to love the Church as much (and more) as he loved his wife.  Prophetic words later confirmed that there is a priesthood amongst the Messianic Jews that has been neglected.  We have a responsibility to speak blessing and destiny to the Church and empower her to come before Yeshua as a pure and blameless bride.  Greater riches are to come to the Gentiles as we as Messianic Jews come into the fullness of our destiny in Yeshua.
The second message was about the faithfulness of God. The fact that God promised that he would always be faithful to Israel gives us assurance that he will always be faithful to us.  No matter how disobedient Israel is, God will woo her back to himself and heal her of her waywardness.  Her calling is irrevocable.  We have this hope that just as God promised to betroth Israel in faithfulness, so we who are both physical and spiritual children of Abraham will be wooed back if we begin to stray, and become part of the pure and spotless bride.  He who appoints the sun and moon to shine will make sure that Israel will always remain as a nation.  And God will complete the work he has begun in us.  He is always just, always merciful, always keeps his promises and is always loving in all his ways.  He is always all knowing, always all powerful, always in control and always acts out of his majestic holiness.  We can put our full trust in him.
We need to somehow relate more deeply to this truth of God's faithfulness and bring our heart's response in line with the truth of God's character.  This means that out of this revelation we can obtain faith to remain faithful in all of our relationships as this reflects the covenant heart of God.
During Asher’s session he called Joel Brotman forward and through him honored his father, Manny Brotman, as the forerunner and early catalyst father of the modern Messianic Jewish movement.  Manny’s fatherhood has gone unrecognized by many, so this act of blessing Joel was monumental is producing correct alignment by giving proper honor where honor was due.  Unity is released through honoring.
Asher Intrater
Dan:  As many of you know, Patty and I divide our time between our responsibilities in the United States and Israel, 4 months in the U. S., and 8 months in Israel. This annual conference was one of the most important times in our late Spring involvements.  We continue to equip as many of our congregations as possible through personal visits.
This is a momentous time for us because our son is, as we write this letter, preparing to pack the container for his move to Israel.  Thank you for your continued love expressed through praying, writing notes and giving.  You are a blessing!
In Messiah’s love and service,
Dan and Patty Juster
             Dan and Che Ahn                                       Paul Wilbur
  • Israel's ongoing protection in the midst of nations turning against her
  • Grace for Dan and Patty as they prepare to return to Israel
  • Grace and financial provision for Ben and his family as they prepare to move to Israel in July

June 23-26:
King Jesus Fivefold School, Miami

June 27:
Beit Mashiach, Greenacres, FL

June 29:
Return to Israel

July 8:
TJCII Meeting in Latrune, Israel
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We want to thank you so much for your consistent support for our transition to Restoration from Zion, our ministry name as we continue to support all the work done in connection with the name Tikkun.  With your generous support, we are succeeding!


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