Dr. Daniel and Patricia Juster's
Personal Update and Prayer



June 2017


We were so blessed this year to have Asher, Eitan and Dan as the main speakers along with our long time friend and co-laborer, Mike Bickle from IHOP.  Something always happens when these men gather together.  It is so refreshing to have conferences that are not just teaching venues but venues for advancing the Kingdom of Heaven through prophetic acts and declarations.  God, in his mysterious wisdom, chose Asher as the catalyst to ignite these shifts in the atmosphere.  During the leadership portion of the conference which preceded the weekend family conference, he called Dan and Eitan up on the stage to join Mike Bickle after Mike gave a powerful and challenging message on Psalm 2.  He was warning us about the upheaval in the last days with the nations coming against Israel and his Son, followed by God’s response to their rebellion.  He laughed!  He also challenged us to stand for righteousness and become that bold witness for the truth.  It is a message worth hearing and will shortly be available for downloading from the Tikkun America website.
After he finished his message, Asher profoundly challenged all of us to reverently ask God for our inheritance … the nations.  We all felt the awe of this moment as it is part of our chosen destiny.  God wanted us to ask him for the nations … the very nations that are coming against Yeshua and his servants!  And, since the people from the nations who have embraced Yeshua have been grafted into the Jewish Olive Tree, they too have a share in this inheritance.
And the worship was amazing!  During the week and the weekend we had different worship teams from our Tikkun congregations lead.  But on Thursday and Friday night we had Justin Rizzo from IHOP join us.  What a difference it makes when those leading worship spend time every day worshipping and praying for several hours.  They are like a portal that makes it easier for the congregants to press through to heaven in worship!
On the weekend Paul and Luanne Wilbur joined the team and it was like a home-coming reunion.  Paul led worship on Saturday night before Asher spoke and once again we were extremely blessed by another lover of God.
Eitan spoke on Saturday morning about fathering and knocked the ball out of the park!  Then Dan spoke on Sunday morning about the temple reality of New Covenant congregational gatherings.  He made it so very clear that it is God’s will that we be a temple together by gathering together as believers.  He addressed the dangers of the modern trend of internet spirituality, where we simply find our connection to spiritual things though an individualism that connects to the internet.

Pictures from Clockwise:
1. Asher, Dan and Eitan together for first time at our annual Tikkun America conference in years...a real homecoming!
2.  Paul Wilbur leading worship
3.  Prophetic prayer ministry over Paul
4.  Enjoying the fellowship of covenant brothers and sisters with Mike Bickle, Justers, Intraters, Shishkoffs and others
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To my utter delight and amazement, I actually was able to attend this year’s Tikkun Conference just nine weeks after my heart surgery!  We were not sure this was going to be a possibility but my strength and health surpassed my expectations.  Thank you for all your prayers.
I even got a chance to share on prayer during the leadership portion of the conference.  I strongly exhorted the leaders to use their prayer language more and more, as this is the one spiritual gift that strengthens our spirit.  How necessary it is to build up our inner man each day, just as it is important to exercise.  If we are not active then our muscles atrophy … if we do not pray then our inner man becomes weak and we do not have power to withstand the pressures during the last days.
Dan is doing part of this June/July schedule without me.  I am pacing myself.  He has been ministering in a connected congregation in the New York area as I write.  We will travel to California together, and then Dan will continue with other engagements.
Thank you for your continued prayer and your support for our work.

Dan and Patty Juster

Restoration From Zion is the International apostolic and equipping ministry of Daniel and Patricia Juster based in Jerusalem. The ministry purposes to form solid networks of leaders around the world to partner towards the restoration of five-fold ministry (Eph. 4:11-13), building up the body so that we can all advance the unity of faith for Israel and the Church.

Restoration From Zion is a ministry of Tikkun International, a family of several apostolic ministries led by leaders with deep historic covenant relationships and mutual accountability. In addition to many years of fruitful service in the Kingdom of God, the Tikkun International Board of Directors has had years of proven integrity in managing funds together and in each of their respective ministries. This includes audits, disclosure, and low administrative cost percentages that reflect our high standards of efficiency. For more information about Tikkun, please visit www.tikkuninternational.org.
June 23-25: Beth Messiah, Milwaukee, WI

July 6-9:  Shoresh David, Pittsburgh, PA

July 10-11: Shalom Rome, Rome, GA

July 16:  Return to Israel
  • Grace for building an apostolic network in Israel; strategies for building cooperative unity.  Please focus on this request.
  • Protection and grace for the staff in our home office in Frederick, MD.  They work so faithfully to support all the related ministries of Tikkun and they are facing some difficult challenges right now
  • Continued grace for our grandchildren in Israel as they press forward in making adjustments to living in a foreign country
  • Grace and favor for Dan and Patty as they finish off their travels in the States before heading back home to Israel

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