MARCH 2015

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Dr. Daniel and Patricia Juster
Dan Installed as an Elder of Ahavat Yeshua
After ten years of living in Israel half-time we have finally tipped the scales and are living in Israel now for eight months.  This has made it possible for Dan to help shepherd the precious flock at Ahavat Yeshua and become a local elder, not just an advisory elder.  We feel so blessed to be part of the wonderful team that is leading the congregation: Eddie and Jackie Santoro are the senior leaders, Asher and Betty Intrater the apostolic leaders.  We also have nearly twenty emerging leaders that are learning to share the load of building community.  The setting-in ceremony was very meaningful and we could not help but feel the weight of what this means historically.  Just think, this is a fulfillment of ancient prophesies concerning God bringing his people back to Israel and re-establishing his governmental order!
Dan's installation as elder at Ahavat Yeshua, Jerusalem
Breakthroughs in Geneva Gateways Beyond
The first week of March we spent with our dear friends, Bedros and Rebekah, teaching at their Gateways base in Geneva, Switzerland.  Dan taught on the kingdom of God for over ten hours.  Some of the students were blown away!  He also shared at the citywide gathering of prayer for Israel and Purim celebration.  I spoke at the intercessors' time on Esther’s humility and the necessity for true intercessors to grow in humility.  This gives them authority to make their requests before God.  I also shared for more than three hours on the Friday morning and many students received new liberty in areas of their life in which they were bound.  We had a hard time ending and even went through the lunch hour.  Both Dan and I returned to Israel greatly refreshed.  We sense such favor on Bedek and Beka … amazing servants of God.
Patty ministering at intercession meeting
Purim celebrated in our grandchildren’s kindergarten for a couple of weeks, with daily re-enactments of the story of Esther involving costumes and face painting.
Patty teaching in Geneva
Gateways Beyond 
Discipleship Training school 
Geneva, Switzerland
Purim Extravaganza:
Purim is perhaps the most loved holiday in Israel amongst the children.  It is a month long anticipation and celebration that remembers our people’s deliverance from annihilation.  The evil plot of Haman to destroy the Jews was overthrown.  It seems that in every age there are Hamans that seek to destroy our very existence.  Today it is Iran and radical Islam in all its various forms.  But, thank God, there are always Esthers who stand in the gap and cry out on behalf of God’s chosen people.  We are grateful for your ongoing prayers on the behalf of Israel.

  • A higher level of speaking Hebrew for Dan and Patty
  • Israel's stability during the change of government
  • Continued maturing of emerging leader's group
  • Continued growth in unity within the ministries of Tikkun International; the transition of this organization into being Jerusalem based
  • Grace and financial provision for Ben and his family as they prepare to move to Israel in July

March 18-20:  
Sitting at Yeshua's Feet

March 16:
Do It Emerging Leadership

March 30:  
Do It Emerging Leadership Group

April 28 - May 7:
Baruch haBa Conference, Israel

May 14:
Return to States

I hope by now that everyone understands that the Tikkun International Fund is no longer the fund that provides our personal support.  The Tikkun fund is now a generic fund to support the ministries in Israel and their outreaches.  So our personal support and all we do, including traveling and teaching internationally, will be supported through the name of Restoration from Zion.  We will continue to give any overage from this fund to support the Israel ministries as well.  We remain committed to see support coming to the Israel ministries connected to Tikkun through our efforts.
It is a challenge for everyone to get on the same page.  Patty and I are as committed and intensively involved as ever in ministry work as we have ever been in our lives.  We teach, mentor, lay foundations, write and more.  So we do ask all those who have supported us in the past to continue to do so through the Restoration from Zion Fund.  Thereby we can continue to give our teaching without cost to the ministries in the Land and to Messianic Jewish ministries throughout the world.  This new arrangement enables the Israel ministries to see the International Fund as a support fund that is not the primary support base of any particular ministry or individual, but rather is embracing all of the ministries of the Land.
Last month our support took a hit due to this new direction.  We somewhat expected it, since such a new direction takes some cultivation and time to catch up.   Thank you for standing with us and enabling this new direction to succeed.
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