MARCH 2017

Dr. Daniel and Patricia Juster
Patty:  There is no greater joy for Dan and I, besides spending time with family, than to spend time with emerging leaders.  We feel that we come alive when we get the opportunity to invest in the next generations of leaders.  What better way to finish our season in the States than to be able to help prepare and equip fifty young men and women to take their next step in their journey toward leadership maturity and fruitfulness.  These fifty plus young leaders came from some of the Tikkun America congregations spread out all across the United States.  This year’s theme was, “Generational Partnership.”  Dan spoke about some personal history as well as about some of our history together as a movement.  In doing so he conveyed some of his core values that have become the template for the Tikkun family of ministries.

I spoke on the issues of the heart as all ministry begins with the heart.  The most important aspect of a leader’s life is staying intimately connected with God through the Holy Spirit in worship, prayer and reading the Word.  We cannot afford to let our daily devotions take a back seat as without it we will not be empowered with love, wisdom and strength to do the work of ministry.  Burn out is often the fruit of neglected intimacy with God and a temptation to make ministry a substitute for the identity that only comes when we abide in Yeshua.  We have to be on guard against the offenses that arise in our hearts due to circumstances, relationships, entitlement, wounded pride, etc.  If we learn to abide in His presence than it is possible to be joyful even after being in the ministry for 45 years!

Moses teaches the younger generation of Israelites the importance of learning from the older generation: Remember the days of old; consider the years of many generations; ask your father, and he will show you, your elders, and they will tell you (Deuteronomy 32:7).  The Psalmist speaks to the older generation about the importance of conveying the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power and the wonders he has done to the next generation and they in turn to their descendants (Psalm 78:2-8).  Paul then tells Timothy to put it into practice: “What you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also (2 Timothy 2:2).  Through intergenerational impartation we can strengthen the possibility of our children staying loyal to God and for them putting their trust in His goodness.
A few days after returning to Israel we had another heart issue to deal with, my physical heart.  Just three days after setting foot in the Land the doctor discovered a rapid heart rate and a new development that was not there before, a-fibrillation.  He immediately put me on an anti-coagulation regiment of injections and pills.  Then I was hospitalized as they did more tests.  Thankfully, I did not have endocarditis as they had suspected, but the time of receiving a new heart valve has become more imminent.  Those two days in the hospital were two of the most revelatory days I have had in my life.  God’s presence was felt so deeply as others prayed.  Even though I did not sleep for 36 hours, most of those hours were spent with God speaking to me through his Spirit.  I learned the deeper truths of what it means to wait upon the Lord.  He is faithful!

I just returned from my cardiologist and he said I need surgery for mitral valve replacement within two months.  Please continue to pray for complete healing.

While Patty was in the hospital, she encouraged me to not miss a meeting in Haifa with the leaders of the northern network that Eitan leads, and the center network that Asher covers.  The discussion was about increasing the effectiveness of a school together, and then working on a more effective joining of our congregations and ministries together.  We are looking at nine or ten congregations in this plus two very important ministries.  Every day I am praying and seeking God for this to succeed.

Patty and I want to encourage you this month to consider extra prayer and giving.  We may mention this again in April.  In mid April we are scheduled for a trip to Korea, Taiwan and then Singapore.  It is not certain if Patty can do this trip or if I will need to choose someone else to accompany me.  This important trip is for Toward Jerusalem Council II and for our ministry partnerships.  It will be costly for us even with the TJCII contribution.

Secondly, I soon will have a new book coming out, an important book entitled Heaven, Hell and the Afterlife, What the Bible Really Says.  This book is co-published with Charisma’s Creation House.  It answers the new ideas among young Evangelicals that almost everyone will be saved, a new universalism.  We examine the whole Bible and come to what I believe are important and biblically balanced conclusions.  Our contribution to this is significant, so we do ask your help to see these costs are met.
We again thank you for your prayers and continued support in our work.  How wonderful to be partnering together in extending the Kingdom!!

With Love, 

Dan and Patty
  • March 19-23: Tikkun International Board Meeting in Israel
  • April 11-16: Minister at the Korean TJCII conference
  • April 17-20:  Minister in Singapore
  • April 20-23: Minister in Taiwan
  • Grace for building an apostolic network in Israel; strategies for building cooperative unity.  Please focus on this request.
  • Protection and grace for the staff in our home office in Frederick, MD.  They work so faithfully to support all the related ministries of Tikkun and they are facing some difficult challenges right now
  • Grace for Dan and Patty as Patty faces some major decisions concerning her heart; standing for healing; dealing with the medical world while believing for a miracle
  • Pray that somehow in the midst of the medical challenges, we would be able to be fruitful in advancing his Kingdom

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We want to thank you so much for your consistent support for our transition to Restoration from Zion, our ministry name as we continue to support all the work done in connection with the name Tikkun.  With your generous support, we are succeeding!

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