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MARCH 2020
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Dan:  Greetings from Jerusalem.  We have just finished our third election in Israel within a year, seeking to choose a government.  The first two elections were inconclusive and no one was able to form a government.  The first results of this latest election seemed to indicate that Benjamin Netanyahu would easily be able to form a stable government, but as more votes were accurately tabulated, it is now clear that he is three Knesset seats short to form a government with his natural coalition partners.  No one knows yet how this will turn out.  I write more about Israeli politics and my views on my official Facebook page.  I encourage you to sign up.  There are short articles on Israel, Biblical teaching, social issues, and politics.  Do continue to pray for Israel; until a new government is formed, it remains a very difficult time for the country.
The other challenging issue is that the Israeli government has taken the most severe steps to try to control the Corovid-17 corona virus. Travel in and out of Israel is more and more restricted; the normally bustling Ben Gurion airport is almost at a standstill. The health ministry is demanding that all large international conferences be cancelled and is warning even about small conferences. In the light of that, this past week we decided to cancel our gathering of international leaders that we call our Alignment Roundtable.  This key project purposes to provide a forum for relational strengthening of various church streams (especially those who express five-fold values) with the saved remnant of Israel.  We have done two of these so far and they have been wonderful events. Deeper trust and partnering commitments have been made.  Though much work has been invested in the preparations for this year's gathering, we trust that God will guide us in strengthening these relationships in other ways this year. Please pray for Ben, as he was the coordinator for the conference and is now engaged in communications with the leaders and the cancellation and refunding of the reservations.
Most of you know that I am also part of another alignment effort that reaches out to the Church world more broadly.  It is called Toward Jerusalem Council II, where we seek the explicit affirmation of the restored Messianic Jewish Body and commitment one to another.  This week I spent many hours compiling lists of leaders from around the world for a convocation in 2022 called a Pre-Council.  Many denominational and other church stream leaders are already committed to come, but many more are still to be invited and drawn in to the alignment process.
These two projects are both world vision projects.  It reminds me of one friend who preached 35 years ago in our congregation.  He said that every believer should have a world vision and then seek to see what part they are to play in it. That part might seem small, but it connects to a grand vision.  Though we have these large visions, the reality where the rubber meets the road is in meeting with members of our congregation in Jerusalem, mostly potential leaders, or travelling to our congregations here around the Land.  Recently this has included preaching in Haifa for Shavei Tzion under Leon Mazin and spending time with Leon and then with the leader of Ohalai Rachamim congregation.  I am very encouraged by the leadership in these congregations.
I am hoping to establish a video school of my teachings.  I  will do mini-courses for free where each lecture is five minutes.  Imagine that.  Then I will do 15 minute leaders building on the short vieos. Finally, I will post courses with a full 6-8 hours of content. I hope to get started on this project soon.   Your prayer and giving are essential for us to carry on and we appreciate it.  Do send us an email to let us know how the Spirit is speaking to you about these things.
Our lives are very full.  I did not even mention our 11 grandchildren here that have some claim on us!!  May you and your families be blessed as you walk before the Lord and remain firm in His calling in these days.
Love and Blessings ... The Justers


Dan speaking at Shavei Tzion Congregation in Haifa
Family Purim celebration
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Currently, we have ongoing ministry work in Israel, mentoring, building up the body of the Messiah.  Dan functions as an elder at Ahavat Yeshua and Ben at Melech HaMalchim.
Limited outside ministry due to government restrictions during the coronavirus crisis 

  • Continued abundance of provision for all our Tikkun related ministries in Israel and around the world
  • Wisdom for Department of Health in Israel as they try to contain the spread of the coronavirus; pray that the believers will see this as a time to shine in the midst of darkness
  • Continued growth in unity with the Tikkun Israel network
  • Development/equipping of the next generation of leadership in Israel

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