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MARCH 2021
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Greetings and Shalom! We are now approaching the biblical New Year…that’s right, the month of Nisan commences on March 14th this year, and is the first month of the biblical calendar (Exodus 12:2).  In just a few weeks, we welcome Passover, when communities and families all over the world will empty their homes from yeast and other leaven and host seder meals (a festive liturgy and storytelling accompanied by unique foods).

I am certainly experiencing a new season.  Our family moved from Israel to Jacksonville, FL last August, we started building relationships within a new community, and are progressing with new purpose for our Kingdom assignment for Tikkun America and Restoration From Zion. Thank you so much for your prayers to establish us here! Please continue to intercede for us.

We are already experiencing much fruit! Just this past week, my wife and I participated in an Israeli Flag Dedication Ceremony for a local missions training agency called Go To Nations. The fascinating thing about this particular missions agency (then under a different name “Calvary International”) is that they helped to educate and equip many of the emissaries sent out in the early days of Beth Messiah Congregation. During an explosive season, Beth Messiah sent out about 40 families and individuals into the mission field! Go To Nations trained many of them in friendraising, budgeting, cultural engagement, emotional health, and much more.

The Israeli Flag Dedication was significant because Go To Nations made a covenant to stand with the people of Israel (and against anti-semitism). Israel and the Jewish people are being emphasized as a priority, and they are committed to teach the nations of the importance of Israel and the Jewish people toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission. During my spot, I shared how Israel only has about 20,000 Jewish believers in Yeshua — this is considered an unreached people group by every major evangelistic agency. I then exhorted the attendees and staff to pick up the mandate to pray for the salvation of Israel and to share the Good News. Paul Wilbur also shared from Romans 11 and led us in some worship. It was a poignant time.

In a few weeks, I will be co-leading a Passover seder with one of the campuses for Celebration Church in Jacksonville, FL.  This is the same campus that I mentioned in last month’s letter. We will be presenting the seder using Hebrews 13:8 as a template, that “Yeshua is the same yesterday, today, and for eternity.” Please pray that the special nature of our unity continues to develop and that we have an encounter with the Presence of God together during the seder.

Thank you for continuing to pray for these and other similar efforts.
Benjamin Juster

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Israel is rapidly coming out of the virus and shut down policies are now being loosened.  Though vaccines have been controversial, this has been a significant factor in the rapid decline of new infections.  Now over five million have had the first shot and almost 4 million received the second, plus another 800,000 have recovered.  This is in a population of 9 plus million.  The major infections are now in the Arab Israeli population, but they are getting the vaccine.  The Ultra Orthodox also have higher rates of infections, but this is declining too.  This finally opens up Israel to in-person services. My two important prayer requests are for the reopening of our congregation. May we have wisdom to follow the regulations of the government, but yet make progress.  We miss meeting together very much. The other is the effort to relaunch an Israel Theological School for training leaders at all levels.  We are making progress on this, and I am one of the four on the committee to work on this project.  

Finally, a few weeks ago I sent you an introduction and recommendation for Vladislav Naginer from Karkov, Ukraine.  I have related to him for many years.  He is one of the key teachers bringing solid biblical and Jewish reflections for the Messianic Jewish movement and the churches of Ukraine. In recent years, Vlad and his wife had had very hard physical medical challenges.  However, he perseveres and continues teaching.  You all received the launching page for him to be a Tikkun Emissary.  I sense call to help him build a support base. He does not need much. I found that we are most blessed when we are generous, and I often present other ministries with the belief that this will not diminish our support.  Sadly, after doing all this work of announcing his ministry, our office told us that they had sent a bad link. Those who sought to sign up for his newsletters were unable to do so.  Here is a link to donate to Vlad and his ministry. He is not asking for much. I encourage you to sign up for his short teachings in English (His teaching is mostly in Russian of course).  Please email him at n_vladislav2006@ukr.net to sign up to his teaching letters. His ministry is called "Jews, Christians and the Word of God."

To donate to Vlad's ministry visit: https://tikkun.tv/vladislav-nagirner-support/ 

Ben participates and shares at the Go To Nations Israel Flag Dedication.
An Israeli Flag is dedicated at the Go To Nations headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.
Ben preaches at El Shaddai in Frederick, Maryland earlier this month.
Our recent family photo just before our move to the US.
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Mar 19: Ben - Joint Elim/Celebration Passover Seder, Jacksonville, FL
Mar 26-28 : Ben - Shomair Yisrael, Knoxville, TN

  • Strategy for the coming year and effectiveness in proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom.
  • Continued abundance of provision for all our Tikkun related ministries in Israel and around the world
  • Much prayer is needed not just for Messianic believers in the Land but around the world who are presently unemployed.  God will provide as he did for the Israelites when they went through the wilderness.
  • Continued health for Juster clan


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