Dr. Daniel and Patricia Juster's
Personal Update and Prayer

MAY 2019

Dan:  I am writing this letter while on a flight from Tokyo, Japan to Singapore.  This is part of a four nation Asia journey, two weeks of difficult travel for the Toward Jerusalem Council II project. While the primary work supported by my partners is for working in Israel, teaching, mentoring, eldering, and counseling, I am also continuing to work in our United States network of congregations (which is not supported by our Restoration from Zion fund) and other important projects, such as the Toward Jerusalem Council II project of which I have been part for 24 years.

Many of my old-time partners may be more familiar with our work for this vision than our new partners. Toward Jerusalem Council II is an initiative that works to see the whole Church in all its streams embrace and affirm the restored Messianic Jewish movement worldwide.  It is to see unity and alignment between the Church and Israel, focusing especially on the Messianic Jewish movement.  Of course, you will note that Tikkun Global also is committed to this alignment and unity with the Church, but our reach in Tikkun is mostly toward church streams that are more like us in regard to our views of the work of the Holy Spirit, fivefold ministry, last days revival, etc. In Toward Jerusalem Council II we include the many different stripes of the Messianic Jewish world and the many different streams and denominations of the Christian world as long as they maintain an historic biblical confession of faith.

This vision has taken me to almost every continent and to all kinds of Church streams and even to the Vatican.  We call on all to repent of Anti-Semitism and replacement theology, to affirm the call of Jewish believers and to join in support for this restored movement.  We have had prayer journeys to Europe and South America.  We have visited places where Church Councils from the 4th to the 12th century have condemned the Jewish people and Jewish life in Jesus.  Our committee of elders (14) includes noted and leading Church leaders and some of the most prominent leaders of the Messianic Jewish Movement, including Israel, America, Europe, and Ukraine.  The end goal is an international council that will reverse the anti-Jewish decisions of the historic Church streams and to see a Church Council that is the mirror image of the Acts 15 Council (Jerusalem Council I).  That affirmed that Gentiles do not need to become Jewish (be circumcised and keep the whole Law) to be saved.  A second Jerusalem Council would affirm that Jews are not called to become Gentiles to be saved, but are to continue in their calling as the saved remnant of Israel.

It is our firm belief that this effort will bear much fruit.  We believe it is a key to the unity of the Church (John 17:21) and will so change things in the unseen world that it will be a factor in both world and Jewish evangelism.

This is my third trip to Asia for Toward Jerusalem Council II.  The first visit a few years ago was only to Korea with prominent Evangelical Theologian, Dr. Walter Kaiser, the past President of Gordon Conwell Divinity School.  The second journey spread out to cover Korea, Taiwan and Singapore.  On this trip I travel with TJCII leader Canon Brian Cox who has been a leader in the Anglican Charismatic Renewal.  Our itinerary has included China (Hong Kong) where we met leaders from the mainland as well, Japan, and now I fly to Singapore and will end in Korea before returning to Israel.  We are seeing strong support for this effort in Asia and have much more to do. Over the years, I have given time, energy and funds to this project.  In the past we have largely paid for our own travel and other costs. Your support is a crucial part of my involvement in these efforts.
Patty:  We all truly celebrated Passover in a new way this year.  Our grandson, Rafi, had a serious accident where he could have lost his life or ended up with traumatic brain injury.  He had fallen backwards off a seven foot wall onto a concrete sidewalk and cracked his skull almost half way round.  A neighbor found him immobile on the sidewalk and called an ambulance. It was pretty scary for a couple of days but God came through with good news again and again and his daily improvement confounded the doctors.  He was released from the hospital after a week in time for Passover!
Rafael two days after his accident
In less then a week he is ready to go home!
Patty:  We are making a big move this month and downsizing in preparation for living out the remainder of our years (hopefully at least 20) with our daughter and her family. We will be living in a ground floor apartment under a home we have purchased together here in Israel.  It was our desire to make this decision while we were still young and healthy enough to do this ourselves and not wait until others have to do it for us.  Dan is in his early 70s and I am in my 70th year.  Though we both feel much younger than our years we needed to be wise and to think ahead of what would be the best for our future. It has been very difficult to leave our home of fourteen years in Israel!
Moving Dan's books again!
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Dan:  We encourage you to become a full covenant partner of Restoration From Zion.  Our partners commit to prayer and regular giving (monthly is so very helpful for consistent support), so that our work outside the United States can be continued.  The work of mentoring leaders, travel to bring alignment between Messianic Judaism and the streams of the Church, and helping to strengthen congregations is only possible because of those who regularly support us.  We ask that you would pray and ask the Spirit to show you if you are to become one of our Covenant Partners.  Then do let us know.
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  • Continued abundance of provision for all our related ministries in Israel and around the world
  • Protection and grace for the staff in our home office in Frederick, MD
  • Strengthening of our family in Israel; grace and protection
  • Grace for Dan and Patty as they begin their ministry in the States
  • Protection for Israel as conflicts are intensifying once again; peace


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