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Personal Update and Prayer

MAY 2021
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We do so appreciate your taking time to read our newsletters and our official Facebook Posts from Daniel C. Juster. Today Patty and I were able to fly out to the USA from Israel, just before Ben Gurion airport was closed due to the hail of rockets coming from Gaza that made it unsafe for civil aviation. This letter will summarize what Patty and I have been doing and hope to do in the coming months.

The COVID year has been difficult. Patty and I really want to meet people face-to-face and also meet in our congregational groups in person. We are very glad to get back to in-person mentoring here in the Land and now be able to travel to congregations in America to equip and mentor in-person. We have a very full itinerary around the network planned from mid-May to mid-August, but will now have to see what happens. In addition, we plan to minister in partner churches.

The COVID year has not been a complete loss but, in many ways, a gain for the Kingdom. Our congregation in Jerusalem stayed together through Zoom. Then when smaller meetings were permitted in parks, regional meetings were well attended. At this time we are permitted to have larger meetings in the park.  

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Personal Updates Continued ...

COVID changed our mindset and opened opportunities for networking that we had never thought of before. In partnership with David Damion, our senior leaders in Tikkun Global had amazing world meetings with hundreds of thousands of people, and maybe in one case last Passover, up to a million. These Zoom gatherings for the Feasts have been able to teach the Bible on the Last Days and call churches into alignment with the Messianic Jewish community.  We have had prayer, worship, teaching and sharing. Last week, on one of the calls with the core leaders in Watchman for the Nations, I was able to share the values and theology of Tikkun - beginning with our ministry days in Chicago and the early days in Maryland near Washington DC where our values, theology and covenant commitments were cemented. A good number of us still walk together in ministry after 40 years. The increase of world prayer support for these efforts is amazing. 

Toward Jerusalem Council II also is making gains in ways we did not anticipate. Toward Jerusalem Council II seeks the official declaration by all Biblical confession churches on support for a unity with the Messianic Jewish community. In an Asia trip a few years ago, Canon Brian Cox and I had convocations in Korea, Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Singapore. This led to a Toward Jerusalem Council II Asia Conference in Singapore.  Everything shut down shortly after due to COVID. However, we perceived that we could still make progress via Zoom. We had Zoom convocations with Korea, China, and Japan. Then we turned our attention to Africa. We plan to host a convocation for Kenya/Africa in June and also with the Southern cone of South America.   All of this leads to a return to in-person gatherings, first in Kenya in 2022 and then a major international convocation for leaders in Jerusalem in 2023. Amazingly, through this challenging season we are seeing the greatest momentum to date.  

However, our primary heart (Patty and I) is for the prosperity of our congregations in Israel and  North America, numbering now over 40 together. Mentoring leaders is our primary desire and some are also connecting in regular Zoom meetings but also in person in Israel. One part of this advance is building a strong Bible School with quality theological leadership. I am on a team of leaders there that are putting this together. We are working on developing the curriculum. Some of you know that I was part of establishing the school for the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations in 1981, which still continues to this day in a new form. Also, Messiah Biblical Institute at Beth Messiah trained many of our leaders in America. Its course curriculum became part of the International Schools of Messianic Jewish Bible Institutes in Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, and Ethiopia. Can all of this experience now be focused to a climatic victory to have a school that continues the values and theology of these schools and based in Israel?  We are working on it!  We are committed to biblical theology, Holy Spirit power, character development and equipping for effective leadership. 

Our son Benjamin has also been very active in traveling to Tikkun America congregations as well as developing new relationships within the churches.  He recently co-led a joint Passover seder with a local church in Jacksonville last month. This month, he participated in a joint meeting of international pastors to focus on missions and resourcing the Gospel. Ben will be traveling with his family to meet us in Maryland for the upcoming Tikkun America Apostolic Team Meetings followed by our two annual network conferences.

Pray for us as we return to the United States. Patty and I are now in a pattern of 3 months in the United States and 9 months in Israel as our base. I do return again for 3 weeks in November.  Pray for our families, our 11 grandchildren especially, to know and walk deeply with the Lord.  We are thankful for the commitment of our children to the Lord and the work of the Kingdom.

Blessings in Messiah,

Dan (and the Justers)

Patty teaches at one of our Shabbat gatherings in the park.
Ben participates in joint meetings with Tikkun leaders and other Messianic leaders.
Ben and Lorena at the AWKNG Alliance gathering of pastors and missions leaders.
Our recent family photo just before our move to the US.
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May 12: Dan and Patty - return to US (done, BHS!)
May 15: Ben - Beit Hallel, FL
May 16: Dan - Forerunner Church, KC
May 16: Ben - Celebration South Jax Church, FL
May 16: Ben - UMJC Leil Shavuot, Online Stream
May 21-22: Dan and Patty - Rosh Pina Congregation, MD
May 26-30: The Justers - Tikkun America Annual Conferences, MD
Jun 6: Dan and Patty - Rockland Alliance Church, NY
Jun 4-6: Ben - Or Chaim, CO
Jun 19: Dan and Patty - Kingdom Living, KC

  • For the Land of Israel and our people in the current round of violence and conflict
  • Upcoming US Travel Schedule starting in May for Dan and Patty
  • Tikkun America network conferences at end of May
  • Continued abundance of provision for all our Tikkun related ministries in Israel and around the world
  • Much prayer is needed not just for Messianic believers in the Land but also for the current political unrest and ongoing conflict among Israelis and Palestinians.
  • Continued health for Juster clan


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