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Patty: We are now in the States having just completed a re-positioning cruise [an out-of-season voyage when companies are relocating their ships] from Spain to Florida.  This venue was so helpful in furthering the healing of my back.  I was so grateful to be able to see some different scenery besides the four walls of my bedroom.  You might say that I was getting some cabin fever after spending most of my life the last ten weeks lying down.  The healing has been slow but steady, never fast enough for me.  The hardest part is not being able to bend and twist.  It is amazing at how many times I drop things and have to ask for help when my grabber is not around.

Dan has been the model husband during this season, even having to tie my shoes and take me on walks several times a day and fix some of my meals.  He has pampered me beyond my expectations!  When he is not around I tend to try to do too much on my own and end up regretting it.  The good news is that I am half way through … just three more months before my back is fused enough that I can get some mobility and my life back.  We are trusting God for a complete recovery.  Thank you for all your prayers.  I am learning a lot during this season, reading books on healing, listening to teachings, and am seeking the Lord once again for a ministry of healing.  I am especially burdened for people who suffer from chronic pain.  It is an invisible disability that begins to consume your life and everyone’s life around you.  It is time for a mighty outpouring of signs and wonders again!

During this season in the States I will still be taking time to heal and therefore probably will not be able to travel with Dan.  I am scheduled to do a couple of trips but my body at this point does not feel ready.  Please pray for wisdom for Dan and I pertaining to my travel schedule.  It is so hard for me to send Dan off without me as we have been such a team traveling for the last 16 years together.  Our love for each other has so deepened that to be apart is becoming more difficult.

"He leads me beside still waters, he restores my soul" Psalm 23
Pictures from our cruise
Dan: In the beginning of October I traveled to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, and Hernhut, Germany for a prayer journey and for the Toward Jerusalem Council II board.  The goal of this initiative is the alignment of the whole Church world-wide with the Messianic Jewish community.  The Toward Jerusalem Council II initiative continues to grow world wide, with chapters in most countries in Western Europe, a growing presence in East Asia, and South America.

One week before we left Israel we were part of a major seminar of leaders featuring Dr. Walter Kaiser, the former President of Gordon Conwell Seminary.  Dr. Kaiser, one of the world’s leading Old Testament scholars, is now 82 years old, and still amazingly sharp.  His theology is very solid and very foundational in building a quality Messianic Jewish theology.  One of the great challenges in Israel is building a solid theological consensus.  This is one burden that I carry almost daily.  The other issue that I carry is good government and mutual accountability among leaders and congregations in Israel.

The schedule I will now embrace is very heavy.  It will take me to New York, Tennessee, Texas and California to teach, strengthen congregations, for three regional institutes and very important times of mentoring.  In Texas, I will be teaching a course for the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute, the King’s University.

Thank you again for all your love, prayers and support!

In Messiah's Love,
Dan and Patty
Celebrating Dan's 68th Birthday in Geneva with new and old friends
We had an unexpected visit to Geneva on the way to the States.  Dan had the privilege to share his heart concerning the purposes of God for Geneva as related to the early reformers and the Jewish People.  Bill Johnson and Stacey Campbell also spoke. 
  • Restoration to calm in Israel and a workable peace agreement
  • Protection for both Palestinians and Israeli’s from violence
  • Peace, strength and healing for Eddie Santoro as he goes through chemo and radiation; grace for Jackie
  • Grace for Dan as he is in the midst of an intensive itinerary schedule
  • Continued strengthening of Patty's back

November 19-21:  B’rit Hadasha, Memphis, TN

November 22: TN Leadership Institute, Nashville, TN

November 26-28: Beth Shalom, Corona, CA

November 29: Minister at Agape Renewal Ministries, Los Angeles

December 5: Kingdom Living, Merriam, KS

December 9: Dan speak at Wheaton College Chapel, Wheaton, Il

December 10: Dan speak at Middle Eastern Club, Wheaton College
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