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Dan: My travels so far have been very fruitful.  At the International Coalition of Apostles, I was invited to share how one comes to lead a movement, in this case being one of the early fathers of the Messianic Jewish Movement.  My answer was that it was just a matter of open doors and obedience to God.  I did not see myself as any great personage.  I found myself being carried along by God and accepting roles that were offered, plus seeking to do my best in extending the Kingdom of God in the Jewish ministry.  New contacts were made at the conference and old contacts were renewed.  Some of the ICA participants lead huge networks. Ours is so small by comparison.  I spoke to one leader whose church has 85,000 and whose network is over a million people.  He is pro-Israel but not deeply related to the Body in Israel.  I challenged him to become related.
ICAL is also creating an international school and has invited all who have serous courses and schooling to contribute what they have.  I have many courses on video and more on audio.  We also have other teachers in the schools of our affiliation where such material can be contributed.  We are also looking for more ICAL connection to Israel and are progressing toward an ICAL conference in Israel.  Keep this in prayer.
We so appreciate hearing from you: how the Lord has been working in your life, your vision for these last days and, of course, how we can encourage you and help you feel the important part of this ministry that you are.  Why not reply to this email – we love replies – and let us know what you are doing today, or drop us an email when something happens or the Lord tells you something exciting that we may rejoice with you.

Patty:  Dan is the United States for four weeks without me.  This is the longest that we have ever been separated from each other. This really gives me an appreciation for all the wives whose husbands are in the armed services.  When you have been married for 48 years you truly do become one and separation tears at the very fabric of your soul.  I wanted to go with him but my body needed a season to rest.  I am still trusting God for total healing in body and soul so that I can finish my race alongside Dan!  Thank you for all your prayers over the years.


The International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders conference Dan went to
Dan speaking on how to lead a movement
Ben: This past month, I had the joy of participating with the Global Prayer Alliance gathering hosted in Houston, TX.  The convener of this strategic round-table of apostolic and prophetic leaders from the nations is a dear brother, Andre van Zyl.  Andre attended our own Alignment Round-table two years ago that the Tikkun Global family hosts in Israel.  He was so impacted by the demonstration of unity, and the humility and partnership of our Messianic Jewish leaders with several Arab Christian leaders that were in attendance.  He committed to always try to create a space for the Messianic Jewish and Arab Christian voices at every conference or event that he hosts.
God is surely moving on the hearts of leaders around the world to build unity together and to seek the Lord in prayer for His end-time purposes.  I am in awe of the humility and honor given to one another.  Some of these apostolic leaders have planted thousands of churches; some of the pastors lead churches of thousands, and even several thousands of people.  Yet, there is a deepening passion to come together for mutual encouragement—across denominational lines and beyond network streams.
I spoke for two sessions on God’s continuing plans for Israel and the glorious place of the Church as part of the commonwealth of Israel. During the evening sessions that were open to the public, we made public declarations of prayer for Israel and for unity with the Arab Christians in the Land. This demonstration of unity and love among estranged family members breaks open doors for healing and reconciliation in the body. We believe that unity of the remnant of believers from every nation to the remnant of Israel will catalyze the great end-time revival. Pray with us for the continuing work of the Spirit of God among these dear leaders and their spheres.
Many Blessings,
Dan and Patty, and Ben and Lorena
Global Prayer Alliance Ben spoke at 
Ben with some of the other participants
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