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Greetings in the Name of Yeshua:

"Outside Looking In - breaking down walls of hostility"
Why is it, when you get older and feel that you do not have the energy to give birth, that God increases the passions of your core convictions?  Core convictions are those values that have captured your heart early on and have been the force that repeatedly propels you forward.  From before Dan and I entered the ministry we longed for community where brothers and sisters dwelled together in unity.  A place of extended family relationships where everyone felt included and were empowered to become all they could become.  A place where one was for the good of all and the all was for the good of the one.  A place where each person supported the other and manifested the love of God to the other.  A place of growth and expansion beyond their four walls, in others words, not ingrown.  I could go on but you get the picture.  What I am describing is the Acts 2:42-47 community, a community held together by one mind, the mind of the Messiah.
As a mother of four children, I longed for familial unity.  I was one who hated conflict and it seemed that one of my main parental roles was to function as a judge, lawyer or referee to resolve the children's battles and then, foremost, to disciple them into love and forgiveness.  Some of the happiest times of motherhood were when I was in a room and all my children were laughing and enjoying each other, involving themselves with each other in a peaceful, loving and acceptable manner.  And now this happens when all our children and grandchildren get together and these same dynamics are in operation.  I used to have a banner I made over my bed declaring this reality and hope: "The fruit of that righteousness will be peace; its effect will be quietness and confidence forever.  My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest"(Isaiah 32:17-18).  "Behold how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in unity … there the Lord commands a blessing!" (Psalm 133).
All true mothers and fathers have this heart because it is a manifestation of God's heart towards us.  Can't you hear him saying, "Love one another for then my love is made complete in you.  I manifest myself among you when you love one another. Remember that I have first loved you.  No one has seen me but when you love one another I abide in you and my love is made perfect in you." (1 John 4:7-14)
From the beginning God has been involved in a long process of restoring mankind to a loving relationship with himself, of aligning our hearts with his.  First he captured the heart of a few individuals, then a nation (Israel) and then - in Messiah - the other nations of the world.  Paul reminded the Ephesian church that for a long time the Gentiles felt separated from the commonwealth of Israel, the covenants of promise, separate from the Messiah and without hope.  They saw themselves as being outside the favor of God looking in.  But now, through the blood of Yeshua, the wall of hostility has been broken down and has made shalom between all people groups.  He has put the old hostility to death and thus creating one new man.  If this is true, which it is, why is there so much division in the world, and sadly in the body of Messiah?  Because of unbelief many still are on the outside looking in, not believing that they can have the same union with God as all of God's chosen people.  We are no longer foreigners and strangers but members of God's household!  For this reason we can all bend the knee before our common Father, the Father of us all.  From him we all derive our name. (Ephesians 2:11-22; 4:14-19).  When we live our lives from the center, each experiencing the love of the Father, then unity happens.  The work of the five-fold ministry is the main key to this happening.  It is the fulfillment of the spirit and power of Elijah that turns the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children to the fathers (Malachi 3:23).  The apostolic moves out from the father heart of God and opens its arms to draw all people into the center, into the arms of the love of God.  When we all partake in this acceptance there is unity.
  • November 7-11: Dan participating in the annual International Coalition of Apostles gathering in Dallas, TX
  • November 11-13:  Dan ministering at Or Chaim, Denver, CO
  • November 14-16:  Dan speaking at Jewish Voice Roundtable, Phoenix, AZ
  • November 17-19:  Dan ministering at Rosh Pina, Baltimore, MD
  • November 20-22: Tikkun America Annual Board Meeting, Frederick, MD
  • Grace for our children and families as they seek to get integrated into the Land
  • Grace for Dan as he travels to the States for three weeks
  • Grace for building an apostolic network in Israel; strategies for building cooperative unity
  • Protection and grace for the staff in our home office in Frederick, MD.  They work so faithfully to support all the related ministries of Tikkun

Walking in Unity
This last month there were three venues where Dan and I were privileged to participate which made inroads into this John 17 prayer of Yeshua for unity.  First, we went up to visit Eitan Shishkoff's key leaders who live in the Haifa area.  We felt the love of God increase for each other and a common heart of valuing each other and desiring each others fulfillment in the Kingdom.
Secondly, Dan participated in the annual Toward Jerusalem Council II convocation in Jerusalem.  For twenty years now this movement has endeavored to break down the walls of hostility that have divided church movements through the centuries and seeks to esteem the beauty of the truth that each carries.  Toward Jerusalem Council II is, of course, called to see the Church in all its streams aligned with the Messianic Jewish community and God's purposes for the Israel the Church and the nations.  It is opening the eyes of our hearts to embrace each other as brothers and sisters in the faith.
The third and last venue was perhaps the most historic of all.  Over eight Arab Christian leaders and at least as many or more Messianic Jewish leaders came together, along with many of their congregants, to pack out the King of Kings pavilion in Jerusalem, some 550 people.  They came together to worship and to seek God together on this day to celebrate the Feast of Trumpets.  There was a supernatural time of worship led by Arab and Jewish brothers and sisters in the Lord, alternating between Hebrew and Arabic songs.  In times pasts these venues were used to air each other's painful narratives which often led to more hurt.  But this time, everyone was united before the throne of God as one family.  There was a shift in the atmosphere over Jerusalem as the shofars blew and declared that the walls of hostility are broken down in the power of the name of Yeshua!
As always, we thank you for your continued support.  We did have a very low month, the lowest in many years, so do pray with us that we will see a strong turn around this month.

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