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During our years in Israel, we have noticed that the country almost shuts down from Rosh HaShanah until after Succot, the festival that is so well known that even the Bible refers to it simply as “the Chag”, the feast.  I went into the picture framing store to get some work done on a picture and the proprietor said, “It will not be ready until after the Chag.”  We tried to get our lawyer to do some work for us, but he said, “I will not get to it until after the Chag.”  And then there was the realtor … and you can guess what he said.  There is also the issue of food at the grocery stores; before the Chag there is a mad rush to buy enough food to last for a couple of days until after the days of rest.  Going to the store right after the Chag is a waste of time because the shelves are bare.
Another phenomenon in Israel for this season is school for the children. The school year has hardly started when the season of Chag comes and everyone is off for a couple of days for Rosh HaShanah; all back to school for a brief couple of days, then off again for Yom Kippur.  The schools valiantly struggle to squeeze in two or three more days and then the big holiday break, Succot, keeps the children home for 8-9 more days.  Most of the families take vacation during this time. Finally, after the Chag, the country takes a deep breath and gets back to normal.
I just love the “Chag” time of year, as it is so much a part of the culture of living amongst our Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel.  It gives us a special time and space for gathering families together for an extended period; a time of rest and fellowship for all who will take it.  I have included some pictures of some of our family activities in our electronic newsletter.

A large contingent of Messianic Jewish scholars believe that Succot is the most likely time for Yeshua’s birth.  This would make sense because we are told in Bible that Yeshua was the Word and “the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us” (John 1:14). The Greek word 'dwell' can mean “to spread a tent” in the same way as the Hebrew word shachan, “to rest or dwell” is the root of the word Mishchan– the Tabernacle.  In some translations, the word “dwell” is “succoth.”  The Israelites dwelt in temporary “succahs” during their desert journey.  When Yeshua came to earth he took on an earthly “succah” and lived among us for a season.  Our bodies are even called “tents” in 2 Corinthians 5.  I am impacted by this revelation that Yeshua is the Word, the living Word that embodies all truth.  There was no contradiction in him, and no confusion of what was right or wrong.  He knew who he was, where he came from and what his mission was.  Not one of his words fell to the ground.  All his promises were yes and amen (2 Corinthians 1:20).  He came as a light to all mankind in the midst of great darkness.
How we need that same light emanating from us to overcome the darkness in today’s world.  We need to be a human version of “the Word becoming flesh.”  We are witnessing the climax of the battle between good and evil. Before our very eyes the warnings of scripture are being fulfilled: good is being called evil and evil good (Isaiah 5:20); truth has fallen in the streets (Isaiah 59:14); and the one who stands for righteousness becomes a prey (Isaiah 59:15).  Confusion, anger, hatred, violence, and deceit have come in like a flood.  Fake news is being reported all around.  Even those who call themselves “Christian” are becoming deceived because they fail to love the truth.  Secular Humanism has become the established religion and multitudes no longer fear or care about God.  We need a new breed of preachers of righteousness to stand in the gap, those who have great courage to speak the truth in love, having the character of Yeshua.
This last year I have undertaken a great mission in order to stand strong in these last days. Before starting on this journey, I did not believe that I could memorize more than a few Bible verses.  However, now I have found my ability to memorize is expanding. In little over a half a year I have mastered about 150 verses with another 100 in the process of being thoroughly learned.  This has been life changing for me as his Word is becoming flesh in me!  I have chosen scriptures pertinent to our times and my season of life.  It is causing me to meditate on God’s Word night and day.  In doing so, I trust that spiritual discernment has – and will continue to – increase as well as passion for the truth.  Some of the passages I have taken on are Proverbs 2 (If we search for wisdom as for hidden treasure we will find the fear of the Lord), Psalms 37 (Do not fret because of evil men succeeding in their schemes; one day the wicked will be cut off and though you look for them you will not find them), the book of I John (if you say that you have fellowship with God but hate a brother or sister you lie and the truth is not in you.  Do not be deceived, the one who does what is right is righteous), John 1 (Yeshua is the living Word that gives light to all mankind), Psalm 84 (blessed are those who have set their hearts on pilgrimage, they go from strength to strength and turn adversity into pools of blessing), Psalm 71 (Even when I am old and grey do not forsake me until I declare your power to the next generation; Though God has made me see trouble man and bitter, he will restore my life again: from the depths of the earth he will again bring me up), Ephesians 1 (I keep asking God that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened so that you may know him better) and many other passages.  Please note that the words in the parenthesis are just my paraphrases for the passages.  I am passionate about learning the Word and I want to challenge you to take on this mission with me.  Truly his Word and character will be formed in us and the fruit will be discernment, strength, wisdom, endurance, etc.
This letter is being written from Haifa where we have important scheduled meetings with the leaders of congregations in Tikkun Israel as well as Dan’s teaching at Haifa Theological Institute, comparing and contrasting Christian and Messianic Jewish Theologies.  We continue our joyful tasks in Israel.
We pray that you will prosper and be in joyful in the Lord.  We so enjoy hearing from you.
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