4th May 2020


Thank you for the prayers and support that you have delivered through your letters! Thank you dearly as well for faithfully standing in partnership with us.

Fears and many threats, but life goes on!

This update is a bit more personal. Despite all the quarantines and the last outbreaks of COVID-19 in Israel, the difficulties related to Iran and other fears, the tense recent times - Life still goes on ...

In March 2020 there was the wedding of my second to oldest daughter, and now it is my oldest daughter's turn!!! An engagement - thank God! Nina and I are thrilled to share our joy with you.

Shirley - she's my oldest daughter - is a professional violinist and she is also learning via an apprenticeship violin making and restoring. Her fiancé Ilya is still fighting with the Ministry of the Interior of Israel. His father is a Jew and has a messianic ministry in Minsk (Belarus) and our Ministry of the Interior has decided to prevent Ilya from staying in the country. But JIJ (Jerusalem Institute of Justice) has joined the battle. I am asking you to pray for success for Ilya! His profession is a veterinarian doctor, still without much experience.

We will look up to "The mountains, from where will come our salvation "!

Olim Project!

The second item of news for us was the constant growth of Aliya - Immigration to Israel. Despite the quarantine and the limited flights, a wave of interest rises about the Return to the Promised Land from the countries of the former Soviet Union, the USA, and other countries. Scriptures repeatedly speak of the days preceding the return of the Messiah and that these days there will be not only difficulties throughout the face of the earth but there will be also a movement of peoples. One such will be the Return of the Dispersed Jews to the Land of the Ancestors. My wife and I were like that and we have returned to Israel from Belarus and Ukraine thirty years ago, respectively. And now the movement is being renewed. Statistics say that Aliya - return to Israel grew by 20% and this is very significant.

Ezekiel says in 36:24 "For I will take you from among the nations, gather you out of all countries, and bring you into your own land." Our project for receiving the Olim and their settlement worked in the days of the quarantine and continues to develop and work these days. This is especially involving consulting and and also includes food parcels and assistance with housework, kitchen, and bedroom accessories. Pray for this project!

Thanks again for your faithfulness!

Leon and Nina Mazin

Leon Mazin
Lead Pastor, Return to Zion Congregation
Haifa, Israel

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