15th April 2017

We can read in the scriptures about various towers.

The first tower has a bad reputation. Nimrod started to build it in the Valley of Shinar. The objectives of this tower are expressed in the name of its main builder - the name Nimrod comes from the word riot and rebellion. He really rebelled against the creator and wanted to raise his name to the heavens, or as the expression in Hebrew says, "against the heavens." When the Lord mingled their languages, the building process stopped. They couldn't understand each other anymore and were "confused". (The Hebrew word Babylon comes from a root word that means confusion.)

Another translation of the word Babylon from the ancient Akkadian language means "the Gates of God", but the point was that they built the gates and the throne to "the wrong god", and they finished their project badly.

The Scripture tells also about another tower - the one that Yeshua talks about in a parable (Luke 14:28-30). The builder made miscalculations regarding manpower, finances and the project style. He did not understand the goal of the project, and as a result, the building process stopped.

I wrote recently about why we started to build our "tower". We received a Word from the Lord that seemed to be strange: "to build a prayer tower - a prophetic studio". Shavei Tzion (Return to Zion) is a congregation and a ministry with the same name, and they are more oriented to matters other than prayer. We have been developing the Messianic Theology in the Russian-speaking Jewish world, planting congregations for those returning to Zion, contributing to Aliyah (immigration to Israel), initiating educational projects, and have been basically more involved with remodeling and tasks other than prayer. Hundreds of people are involved in this cycle. For sure, we have our prayer ministry - involving those who pray more than others - but this was not our main motive.

The Lord told us to build a "Prophetic Studio". To be honest, in a way I am the one who has "suffered" from the "post-charismatic age", when the prophets prophesied falsely, the healers practiced more in attempts to prove themselves (and not by honorable goals), and the word of knowledge was reduced to manipulation. These were the consequences of the charismatic invasion to which the former Soviet Union was subjected in the late '80s, and Israel in the early '90s. All of this created many walls inside of us, and it takes time for these walls to break down.

However, lately, seeing the development and dynamics of various projects, including our TV broadcasting, the Music School, the ministry to the needy, and the Haifa Theological Institute, we detect that we are in urgent need of the Spirit of the Lord and the manifestation of HIS glory and power. Thinking logically, it is clear that this is impossible without PRAYER.

Moreover, I was glad to hear from different people in Israel that many in Eretz Yisrael have received a similar word and that they made the effort to initiate prayer rooms.

What for? For prayer, sure. There are different ways to do that. Some are organizing 24/7 or 12/5. I am embarrassed to say that I have not been much interested in it. But we are all thankful to God that He brought us all to agreement, and as a result we see that the prayer room - the Tower - in which people can listen to the Word of the Lord, is now ready.


How will we use it? The first words that the Spirit of the Lord gave us were "Be open and you will see how different people and groups, moved by the Spirit, will pass through and fill the place with movement and anointment" (I find it hard to believe that I am writing in such a language!). But I am trusting this impulse, and we are ready to wait until you - those acquainted and those not so much - would like to sense what the Lord is going to say ... to you, to us, to Israel. Let us work together on promoting the return of the Lord, expecting that Israel will clearly hear the footsteps of Yeshua coming home, and that more and more people in our land will raise their voices to the heavens with the ancient proclamation: "Baruch haba beShem Adonai" (Welcome in the name of the Lord).

We are inviting you to our Prayer Room/Tower, which is now operating.

Please write to us at the following email address: info@shaveitzion.org.

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