15th July 2021


Today we would like to share with you about two students who are learning at our Music and Art School called "Rainbow of Sounds." They are siblings, ten and thirteen years old, who were born here in Israel.

It so happened, by the Lord's guidance, that one of our team members met their grandmother at the beach. When she told the lady that she worked at a music and art school run by Return to Zion Ministry in Haifa, the grandmother expressed the desire to visit so that the teachers could listen to her grandchildren and evaluate their musical abilities.

It turned out that they are very talented, and since then they have been taking lessons - each one on two instruments. We loaned two violins to them; however, with the piano it was much more complicated. Those bright and talented kids have been receiving lessons for a year and a half already, but they have not had the chance to purchase a piano or violin for themselves. However, the most inspiring thing is that they are not losing heart or interest despite these challenges. On the contrary, they are practicing and preparing for concerts, even if they must train at home, using the image of a piano keyboard printed on paper.

The lack of finances and their mother's refusal to let a bulky instrument like the piano into her home do not allow these children to learn to their full potential. Regardless of all those obstacles, they are not losing hope, and they do not allow themselves to eat until they have finished practicing, thinking that, if they do not complete their practice, they do not deserve a meal.

After each lesson, they always thank the teacher. Their granny is taking care of the tuition fee. Their mother is not interested in her kids' musical or artistic progress, and their father has abandoned them and their mother. Despite the situation in their family, the siblings rush to school for music lessons. The granny is collecting the tuition fee for her beloved grandkids with the attitude that "every mickle makes a muckle," to pay for them. She is participating in each of the kid's group lessons, completes the tests with them, sings in the kids. choir, and watches films about music and genius musicians during the music history lessons. The teachers and students are now used to it.

Such aspiration towards creativity and art at an advanced age is admirable and an example for all kids at our Music and Art School. Since these talented children do not have parents who are taking care of their development and future, let us take on this challenge together! Your prayers and a gift of $150 monthly will enable one child to continue to advance with their talents towards a bright future in Israel.

Thank you for being a faithful supporter of Return to Zion and for your love for the Jewish people in Israel and around the world. I'm grateful for your partnership.

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