Zion's Glory Update
October 6 2016

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Dear Faithful Friend,

Last week we sent you an update and asked you to be in prayer for the several events that were happening in celebration of Rosh Hashana, the Feast of Trumpets, 5777. We want to happily report that they have surpassed our expectations! Each event was more than successful and definitely furthered the purposes of God. We want to thank you for your prayers. God is moving amongst us!

Arab-Jewish Holiday Meeting

On Saturday evening, we held a special Rosh Hashana meeting with Jewish and Arab believers. Much to everyone's surprise, we had an overflow turnout with over 500 Jews, Arabs and Gentile believers in attendance. The meeting was held with translation upfront in Arabic and Hebrew and earphone translation into English, Korean and several other languages.

The crowd came with great anticipation and God showed up in a BIG WAY. The worship team was comprised of Jew and Arab together, with songs in both languages. The unity of the worship team resulted in a great anointing, and the message time was divided into two shorter messages, one in Arabic and one in Hebrew. Asher's Hebrew message brought the meeting to a climactic close as he spoke about the significance of "Yom Hatruah"- the Day of the Blowing of the Trumpet. Finally the shofar was blown amid great shouts, as we all declared the Kingship of Yeshua over the city of Jerusalem and of the world.

There was a deep sense that as Jews and Arabs come together in Jerusalem and worship Yeshua something profound is being released which impacts not only the congregations in the Land but the nation as well.

Another meeting is being planned for the near future and we are excited to be a part of this historic and powerful gathering of God's elect in the city of the Great King!

Rosh Hashana - 5777

Erev Rosh Hashana

The next morning began our preparations for our Rosh Hashana celebration with family and friends at our home. In the midst of this group of 18 adults and 4 children, there were four family members that do not believe. There is no doubt that being in the midst of all the believers celebrating God's Festival together had a powerful impact on the non believers, as each one experienced the testimony of God's faithfulness. Each person brought a dish to share which was lovingly made. As we ate and gave God glory and honor, there was a special atmosphere of joy and thanksgiving as I was able to participate, feeling whole and healthy and cancer free!

As I look back on the evening, I am impressed with all that God accomplished as we gave ourselves to keeping His Word and His calendar. Please be in prayer for us as we look forward to the 24 hour prayer and fasting intercongregational gathering for the Feast of Yom Kippur in a week and immediately following, the celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles. Again, we will having a family celebration as well as a special congregational meeting. We have no doubt that God is in the midst of a mighty work here in Jerusalem and we praise God in all humility that he has chosen us to play a part!

Home Meeting

Tuesday evening marked the end of the two day holiday and although somewhat tired, we went to our home meeting here in our community. There were ten people present and again, I was overwhelmed with joy at how God works as we are faithful to give ourselves to Him and his purposes. This little meeting was birthed just six months ago and has a wonderful mix of people between the ages of 26 and 73. We meet every week and the love and relationship between all of us is deepening and growing. Personal challenges and victories are shared, wisdom and insight are given and mighty prayer is loosed as we come before his throne of mercy and love. And we crown it all with worship that flows in the life of the Holy Spirit.

These are amazing times that we are living in and Jerusalem is certainly an amazing place. Good things are developing and the wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing. Keep praying!! Keep believing! Everyone of God's promises will be fulfilled in a wonderful way. The Best is yet to come!!

We send you our love from Zion,

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