Zion's Glory Update
November 7 2016

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Dear Faithful Friend,

It has been an amazing and busy month as we have kept the Fall Feasts here in Jerusalem. The busyness of our life as we serve the Lord is a powerful testimony of the healing power of God in my life. You all know about the life and death battle that engulfed us over the past 15 months and by God's amazing grace and power, I declare that I am cancer free! I continue to receive "clean" MRI's of my brain every 12 weeks and the healing miracle of my tonsil will be confirmed on December 1st when I will undergo a PET-scan on my whole body.

I am eternally grateful for your ongoing prayers on our behalf. God's promises are "Yes and Amen." He has "destroyed the works of the enemy" in my body and "by his stripes I am healed". Let us lift up a resounding "Amen and Amen" for the manifestation of his resurrection power in my life.

The Scripture says that "We overcome by the word of our testimony", so please allow me to share a wonderful testimony with you.

C's Miracle

We have a dear friend that recently underwent a major battle with her eye. Over the course of a few days, she started having pain in her eye and seeing bright flashes. She went to the eye doctor who told her she needed to go to the hospital immediately. She arrived at the eye clinic in the hospital and after undergoing an examination by the doctor, she was told that she had a hole in her retina and needed laser surgery which was then done immediately following the examination.

Several days later she suddenly started seeing the flashes again. She rushed to the hospital where they  reexamined her eye and told her that there was a large tear in her retina below the hole they had just repaired. Again, she was told she needed another immediate surgery in order to repair the tear. She called us to tell us the report and together we LOOSED THE HEALING POWER OF GOD that we carry within us. As the doctor examined her eye before beginning the surgery, he was amazed to report that in fact he did not see a tear in the retina and it all seemed fine! C called us again to tell us the good news and although the doctors said they had made a mistake in the diagnosis, we knew beyond any doubt that the power of God that we had released through prayer had done its work. All Glory to God!

Another Testimony

Last week I was praying with a small group of brothers and sisters before the meeting. I shared the above testimony to encourage us in the power of our prayers. When I finished, two women from Holland that were visiting came up to me for prayer. The first said she had suffered from horrible back pain for a long time and it was difficult for her to move. I laid my hands on her in obedience to God's command to heal the sick. I loosed the healing power of God that is within me upon the woman and immediately she started jumping up and down and dancing. With a loud voice she declared that she had been healed.

The the second woman came up to me and said that she had not been able to lift her arms for a long period as she had terrible shoulder pain. Again, I laid hands upon her and declared the victory of God over sickness. As I spoke the healing power of Yeshua's resurrection poured out of me into her body and immediately she raised her hands above her head and started to dance to the Lord with joy. She too had been healed.

We praise God for the wonderful work that he is doing through the faith that we have in his power that lives within us. Join us in believing that this is just the beginning and that we are going to see the salvations of many as the sick are healed in the name of Yeshua.

The Fall Feasts

The Fall Feasts of Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot have been wonderful celebrations this past month. For each event the Congregation held special meetings that were extremely annointed. The attendance at all our meetings was much more than usual as there were many visitors from the nations who had come to Jerusalem to celebrate these Jewish Feast days by attending different conferences that are held each year over this period.

We had over 300 in attendance at our Sukkot meeting last week with believers from all over the world. To meet the needs of so many we translated our primary language of Hebrew into English from up front and used ear phones with translation into other languages. Even as there were "God fearing" Jews from every nation under heaven" at the first New Testament Sukkot gathering 2,000 years ago in Jerusalem in these "End Times", God is gathering "God fearing" Jews and Gentiles to Jerusalem. Words can't capture the power and anointing that was present as the prophetic expression of the "One New Man" joined together to keep the Feasts of the Lord in Jerusalem. Please join us in praying that the manifestation of God's love and unity between Jews and Gentiles and Arabs and Jews will continue to increase as we prepare the way for the soon return of the Lord.

And Finally - Italy

On Tuesday, November 8, we will be leaving for a one week ministry trip to our beloved friends in Italy. This is our third trip to their wonderful church in Dolo. God has established a deep bond of  love between us and we are excited as we anticipate all that He will do during this coming week. It is also our first trip in nearly two years and again, we believe that our going out marks another "healing moment" in the battle we have fought with cancer over the past 15 months. Please be in prayer for us during this time.

Again, we thank you for all of your love, prayers and support. We are certain that "THE BEST IS YET TO COME!"

We send you our love from Zion,

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