Zion's Glory Update
May 12 2021

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Dear Faithful Friend,

Hamas sent out a warning: if Israel didn't stop attacking Gaza, it would send a barrage of rockets against Tel Aviv. All eyes were glued to the TV on Tuesday evening and at 9 pm, it began. Hundreds of rockets were set off towards Tel Aviv. I could hear what seemed like endless "BOOMS" as I watched in real time on TV the rockets colliding with the Iron Dome Defense system in the air. It is a surreal experience, for sure! Although the Iron Dome is very effective, it cannot respond to each of the hundreds of missiles that go off at the same time. Some do get through and several places suffered a direct hit with casualties.

And again, after a strong retaliation by Israel in Gaza, I was awakened at 3am by the "BOOMS" of another barrage of rockets. Though I could tell that it wasn't in my immediate neighborhood, it was a quite an unnerving experience and there was no way to know how it would end. As I found out later, the targets were Tel Aviv and parts north of the city. The siren woke up my 10 year old granddaughter who then woke up the rest of the family and they had to all go to the downstairs shelter until it was all clear. Needless to say, this is very traumatic for children. To date, there have been over 1200 rocket attacks against Israel with seven people who have died as a result and many casualties. The attacks are ongoing.

We have gone through this so many times over the years, but this time felt very different. The reasons and dynamics that came together to cause this eruption of the terrorist volcano are very complex and the newsmen are talking non-stop on the ongoing broadcasts with each giving their perception of the issue.

For those of us who believe, we understand that the most foundational issue is that the enemy is out to destroy Israel and to cause international opinion to rise up against this nation and its "ownership" of Jerusalem. Satan needs the city to go into Muslim control. Yeshua is returning to a Jewish city, to be crowned "King" by his people. Yeshua will not return to a Muslim city. So the battle continues.

The spiritual warfare in the heavenlies over Israel and Jerusalem has been going on since the beginning but in these last days, it is intensifying in many different ways. We only see "in part" and can't comprehend all that is really going on. It is amazing to think that this is happening on the heels of Israel's victory over Covid 19. Yet things have been released in the spirit since the onset of the pandemic and we are seeing the manifestation in these current events.

During the Islamic holiday of Ramadan, tensions began to increase among the Arabs and there was great anger and agitation over a possible eviction of a Palestinian family from their home of 60 years by Israeli courts. (long story!!) Trying to keep order, the police put up barricades to prevent the Ramadan worshippers from congregating in one place as they left the Mosque each evening. This angered the Muslims and violent demonstrations against the police began. At one point, the police had to go up to the Mosque in order to restore order. This was a travesty for the Muslims.

After several days, the police took down the barricades but the protests continued. There was rock throwing and stun grenades and many casualties on both sides.

There were protesters and counter protesters and what was different yet, for me, very significant was that they were all young. As I watched on TV, I was struck by the spirit of a deep hatred that I saw on these young men's faces. They were yelling "Free Jerusalem and Al Aqska (Golden Dome Mosque). In response the religious Jewish youth with the same spirit were countering with "Death to the Arabs." It was not easy to watch.

These violent demonstrations were no doubt encouraged by Hamas and the ensuing rocket attacks were in support of the protests. The first one was shot over Jerusalem, an unheard event until now. It fell outside of the city in a neighboring town and hit a house. Thankfully, there were no casualties. From there, the barrage began and Israel retaliated in strength, with many missile attacks and the assassination of some Hamas leaders. The news is reporting that this will go on for a few more days before Israel will agree to a ceasefire.

Although the rocket attacks are frightening and traumatic for the nation, it is something we have experienced many times over the years, although not to the same extent.

Yesterday though, for the first time, this nation experienced something that we haven't seen here. Israeli Arabs, again all young men began to protest while the rockets were falling. They took to the streets and were throwing rocks and firebombs at the police, vandelizing and causing great damage wherever they could. This started happening in many Israeli Arab towns. In the city of Lod which experienced the greatest violence, in their hatred, they actually set three synagogues on fire.

This has been more than shocking to the nation to have this act of anti-semitism evoking traumatic memories of the Holocaust in their own country and by their own citizens!

And sadly, we still do not have a government! Although it seemed as if Lapid and Bennett would be successful in their attempt to form a workable coalition, it is currently on hold while the country is under fire. And to complicate matters, their coalition of many different platforms and positions depended on the Arab party to give them the numbers they need. With all that is going on, it is not known if the Raam Arab party will still be willing to join the coalition.

As of this writing, the rocket fire is continuing in the south of the country, the police are ready to confront the protesters and it impossible to predict what will happen.

Please join us in praying for peace, for the leaders to have great wisdom and understanding, to follow the council of Heaven as they lead this country through these very turbulent waters. Pray for a government that is God's choice. Pray especially that all this difficulty and violence will lead this nation, both Arab and Jew to see Yeshua and the one on whose shoulders rests the true government of Israel.

Of the greatness of his government and peace, there will be no end. He will reign on David's throne and over his kingdom establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. The zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this. (Isaiah 9:7)

To God be the glory.

With love from Zion,

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