Zion's Glory Update
August 17 2016

The following is a Zion's Glory prayer update from Eddie and Jackie Santoro in Israel. We encourage you to forward it to whomever you think might be interested in the following information. It is sent out in conjunction with a monthly newsletter. If you are currently not receiving this information and would like to become a regular subscriber, please forward your name, email and address to us at esant@netvision.net.il

Dear Faithful Friend,

Monday was special. And we wanted to share it with you, our dear friends and intercessors.

We sent out a health update a few days ago and there were so many of you who responded in love with very powerful prayers. Thank You!!! I am doing better and the end is in sight with 11 treatments to go! I had a three day break from treatment and Monday was my first day back. I wanted to send out this special report and share with you all that occurred in the waiting room. We have had lots of very good and wonderful experiences over the past year but that day felt special.

On the way in, we spent a few minutes greeting the parking guard. Between the two episodes of cancer, we have connected deeply with this man and the love and witness of Yeshua flows freely between us. Again, I shared with him the power of our prayers as we battle this illness and it was clear that he was touched. I have no doubt that over his many years as a parking attendant, we have been unique in our relationship with him. Please pray for Sammy. He is a fine 74 year old man and we really love him and believe that this love is bearing fruit.

Upon entering the waiting room, I sat down next to an older religious couple that we have gotten to know. The husband went in for his treatment just then and I continued to speak with her. I shared my faith again and I asked her if I could pray for healing for her husband. She said "yes!" I asked her if I could lay my hand on her. She said "yes" again and by God's grace a prayer of love and power flowed from me to her. And the prayer of faith will make the sick well!!!

I then began to speak with a religious man sitting next to us. We had a wonderful and warm conversation about God. He said that since his illness, he has gotten a revelation about how God answers prayers and how much God loves him. We didn't get a chance to talk about our faith before I was called in for my treatment. But I did tell him that I would pray for him and asked him to pray for me. Please pray he would receive ongoing revelation from God whom he loves.

When I finished, I came out and immediately noticed a mother with her daughter in a wheelchair sitting in the room. We had seen them several times before but never felt an opening to talk to them. This time we both walked over, said hello and asked what her daughter was suffering from. Sadly, she said they had recently discovered a brain tumor in her 14 year old daughter and they had come from Moscow just for the treatment at Hadassah Hospital. After some wonderful sharing, I asked the mom if we could pray for Anna. She said "of course" and Anna also agreed. They were a Russian Orthodox family so they welcomed the name of Jesus! Together we boldly placed our hands upon Anna and loosed the healing power of God into her. Please join us in believing for a miraculous healing.

As Jackie continued to speak with the Mom, I noticed an Islamic mother and daughter sitting nearby and the mother was watching us closely. When I finished praying for Anna, I went up to them in humility and love. I quickly discovered that they did not understand Hebrew or English. The mom managed to communicate that the daughter also had a brain tumor. When I asked the mom in sign language if I could pray for her daughter, she lit up and smiled and nodded "yes". Again, I asked her permision to lay hands on the daughter, she nodded again and I touched her with the power of God that by his grace, lives in me. In faith, I stood against the cancer that was attacking this 13 year old girl and beyond any doubt, they were touched in their hearts.

It's a small room and all of the people in it (maybe 10) were watching and listening, including that wonderful religious man we spoke to in the beginning.

It was time to go and so with much love in our hearts, we said goodbye to everyone, thanking God for a most special time. As we walked out, we realized that we as Messianic Jews had just prayed for a religious Jew, a gentile Christian and an Islamic girl. Cancer was the common demoninator in a Jewish hospital in Jerusalem. How incredible! Only God could have set that up! We praised God for his wondrous ways and that he had allowed us to be his vessels of love.

I sensed also in leaving, that as we had prayed for others, God had touched me and I felt far better when I left than I did when I arrived! How God returns to us what we have given to others. We walked to the parking lot, blessed Sammy again and drove off filled with the Holy Spirit and with joy.

Keep praying and we will keep you informed.

We send you our love from Zion,

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