Zion's Glory Update
November 24 2016

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Dear Faithful Friend,

We want to wish all our American friends a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving Day celebration. As you enjoy loving company and delicious food, we pray that the revelation of God's love and goodness will abound in your hearts. May Thanksgiving 2016 be special in every way!


We spent the past week in Northern Italy in the small town of Dolo, 25 km from Venice. Dolo is quaint and quiet, with a definite "old world" feel to it. It was built on the shores of a large river and is picturesque in every way! We are deeply connected to a Messianic Church there and we spent a week devoting ourselves to this wonderful work and its people.

This was our first trip out of Israel in nearly two years as we have spent the past 16 months in a battle against the demonic attack on my body. Our ability to pack our suitcases and travel to Italy for a week of both ministry and rest was another page in the ongoing and wonderful testimony of our victory over the powers of darkness. Praise God the cancer is gone and we are going out in a new power and authority that God has awakened within us as a result of this life and death battle we have fought!

This was our third trip to this congregation and we were received with great joy as I endeavored to encourage them with our testimony. I shared on the authority that we all possess through believing in Yeshua and receiving the fullness of his life within us. I encouraged everyone to step out in faith in the unique and wonderful calling He has given to all who believe. That calling will always be beyond our natural ability but as we step out GOD WILL PROVIDE ALL THAT WE NEED! The same Spirit that rose Messiah from the dead is in us and it is God's desire to have His life flow from us to others. But each of us must take that step of faith in order to activate His life and power within us.

After the message, I invited our dear brothers and sisters who needed healing to come forward for prayer. Just as I had just shared with them, we stepped out into the "beyond" and prayed for them. We prayed for a large number of people and SEVEN OF THEM WERE HEALED OF ALL TYPES OF PHYSICAL AILMENTS!

Hallelujah and Praise God! We stepped out in faith. We obeyed God's leading. We entered into that which is always beyond our natural ability and God answered our faith with a display of His power and love. We are grateful for His anointing in our life and pray that each of you will also take that step of faith so that you too will experience mighty and wonderful things.

We also spent much loving quality time with Roberto and Ada, the couple that pastor this work and their daughter Elena, who translates most of my messages and our discussions. In addition we enjoyed dinners with two of the young leaders and had a marvelous time over a meal with the rest of the young adults whom we also know, who love us and are loved by us. The deep love of the congregation for us, their steadfast prayers for us this whole time and their incredible generosity towards us in every way truly built us up and was a huge blessing from the Lord.

We returned home tremendously encouraged. In His faithfulness to me, I had the opportunity to share a similar message in our congregation, Ahavat Yeshua on Saturday. There was standing room only as attendance approached 200 people. At the end, I asked for those who had faith in the power of God to come forward and pray for those who needed prayer. Fifteen people stepped forward to pray for others and we spent most of the post-meeting fellowship time praying for many and seeing God's victory manifest in their lives.

Prayer Needs

There is so much happening in these days and as I consider all that we are involved in and the challenges that lie before us, I am keenly aware that your prayer is a vital part of God's promised success. So here are some specific needs:

We praise God for the wonderful work that he is doing through the faith that we have in his power that lives within us. Join us in believing that this is just the beginning and that we are going to see the salvations of many as the sick are healed in the name of Yeshua.

Third Season: On December 1, we will be overseeing the fifth gathering of the "Third Season" meeting at our home. We generally have around 25 people from the "over 50" crowd that come and participate in an evening of food, fellowship, open sharing and prayer. Please pray for God's anointing on this evening and His strength and wisdom as we oversee it.

Home Meetings: We are leading a truly amazing home meeting in our neighborhood. It is filled with life and love and we believe it is a tool that God will use to draw the unsaved to Him. Please pray for an even greater release of His life and Spirit when we gather every Tuesday evening. Pray for ever deepening relationships of love between all who participate and that we would see unsaved guests attending. Also please pray for the successful launching of new groups in other neighborhoods.

Young Leaders: Pray for the generation of young leaders that we are raising up. The work load for our growing congregation is increasing and we really need gifted people who are willing to give their time and energy to pastoring the many sheep who need attention. We also need some of these young ones to step out in a greater way into senior leadership.

Medical Tests: Please continue to pray for my health. On December 1, I have the first PET scan of my throat after the long treatment. On December 7, I undergo an MRI of my brain to confirm that there is no cancer. Please join us in praying and believing that there is NO CANCER IN MY BODY!!

Fires: There has been a terrible outbreak of forest and brush fires here in Israel. It's been unusually dry and a very strong wind has been blowing for a few days. There are fires raging in several areas close to Jerusalem and also in the north. Please pray for the rains to come and that all the fires would be extinguished quickly.

We are ever grateful for your love and support for Zion's Glory and for us personally. The incredible is unfolding before us and we know with all of our hearts that the manifestation of God's fruit in Jerusalem and throughout the world is a team effort. We thank you for your willingness to be a part of our team.

We send you our love from Zion,

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