Dr. Daniel and Patricia Juster
Greetings in the Name of Yeshua:

Finishing One Season and Beginning Another

Patty:  We are in awe as we reflect on  the fruitfulness of our travels these past two months in the States.  My back has continued to get stronger and I was able to travel on most of the trips with Dan.  We so love working as a team and our gifts compliment each other’s.  Our lives have become so intertwined that to think of ministering apart becomes a “vain” imagination.  I guess we have become like peanut butter and jelly … inseparable.  We were so blessed to connect and to impart to so many leaders in both churches and in the Messianic congregations.  God is good at joining hearts together (renewing old friendships and building new) for strategic advancement of his Kingdom in these last days.
We were part of an historic gathering at the UMJC conference in Ontario, California.  Israel’s Hope, a music group birthed out of our days at Beth Messiah, came together for a reunion concert on Saturday night … something they had not done for years!  For us “older” folks it was a real treat to hear some of the Messianic music of the eighties and nineties.  Not to mention, we were in awe at how we have all aged.  To think Rene Bloch is now 90 and that he was in his late fifties when Israel’s Hope came to be.  Together with Paul Wilbur and Mark Chopinsky, they put on a memorable concert!  Many of you may remember those glory days and even may have some of their first albums.  Now Paul has his own ministry called “Paul Wilbur Ministry”.  He has recently put out a powerful worship album called, “Forever Good.”  We are so happy that he is part of Tikkun International, serving both as a board member and a related ministry.
  • August 28-31:  Catholic/Messianic Jewish Dialogue in Rome
  • September 18-23: TJCII annual gathering in Jerusalem
  • October 7-10: Minister in various churches in Greece
  • Grace for our children and families as they seek to get integrated into the Land; healing and strength for grandchildren as some have been experiencing a lot of sickness
  • Grace to learn Hebrew for everyone
  • Grace for building an apostolic network in Israel; strategies for building cooperative unity
  • Smooth re-entry into Israel; wisdom in organizing our schedule
  • Extra grace for our staff that administrates our office in the States.  They have been facing many unusual challenges.

Back in Israel

Patty: Now we are back in Israel and once again our re-entry was a little bumpy.  It seems that we would get used to it by now and be prepared, but alas, we usually get blind-sided.  Please continue to pray for God’s wisdom for how we can build strategically together in unity.  Each ministry in the Land is intensely trying to survive which leaves little time for them to build together trans-congregationally.  We want to work towards multiplication of congregations and establishing the prophetic/apostolic in the Land but this takes more spiritual power.
We had a surprise when we came home.  Our precious daughter and her family have decided to move out and have even found an apartment just down the street.  We all thought that our living arrangement was permanent but God had other plans.  For two years our daughter, Rebecca, has been such a blessing and enabled me to get healed enough so I can take on the normal tasks of shopping, cooking and laundry.  And they were blessed as we provided a safe haven for them and the ability to save up some money so they can be launched on their own.  It is really for the best as now Dan and I can once again entertain couples in our home.  We can even have young people live in our home in a mentoring arrangement.  We love to disciple in this way and have been taking in people for almost all our married life.  However, this change brings with it a bitter/sweet dimension.  I am really going to miss the companionship of my daughter!  And when I think of all the gourmet meals we will be missing out on…oy vey!  What is the sweet part?  Now I get back some cupboard space and my kitchen counters will be clean once more.  But give me back the chaos any day as I will truly miss having my grandchildren and family under my feet.
Dan: As we resume our mentoring of young adults in our congregation, we note that one of the most important things is teaching the kind of devotional life where people are enabled to walk in the joy of the Lord.  The word says the joy of the Lord is our strength.  Life in Israel can be grueling.  Without the joy of the Lord, it is very difficult.  The joy and presence of Yeshua gets us through the trials of life.  Pray for us as we seek to see this established in every member.

In the Messiah’s Love and Service,
Dan and Patty Juster


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