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Personal Update and Prayer



May 1, 2017

Dan: On Tuesday April 27, I returned home in the wee hours of the morning from a wonderful and grueling trip to Asia.   I seek to be very judicious in choosing such travel because there is so much to be done in the land of Israel to build up the work here and to be available to leaders.  Yet I do have a responsibility to travel, both for the representation of our ministries and also for Toward Jerusalem Council II.  TJCII is an initiative/project where we call upon all church denominations, apostolic streams and congregations to officially declare their alignment with the resurrected Messianic Jewish movement, first in Israel but also in the Diaspora.  This is part of preparing the Church for unity with Israel and Messianic Judaism for the events of the last days and the return of Yeshua.


This marathon Asian trip was planned through much prayer and deliberation with leaders whom I have met previously in the various countries that I have visited in the past.  Of all the Asian countries that were being considered, Korea was the easiest choice.  We have long term relationships there, and have been working with a coordinator for Toward Jerusalem Council II.  Plus, we have a connection with a person who serves as a representative for Revive Israel/Tikkun International in Korea.  Jeong Jacob Lee put together a very fruitful schedule with a broad variety of leaders, in addition to some very significant meetings.  This included meetings with the leaders of two strong apostolic networks, the renewal of our friendship with Hansarang under Hansik Kim, preaching for services at Cross Church (Korea House of Prayer, a youthful church pushing 1,000 people), Rev. Jin Sup Kim, the Vice President of Presbyterian Baekseok University, a significant time of teaching for Che Ahn’s HIM network (whose base is in California) in Korea and a Messianic Jewish Conference combining the Korea Israel Ministries Network and Toward Jerusalem Council II.  The Church sponsor for this was a vibrant charismatic Presbyterian Church deeply committed to Israel.  This is unusual since most Presbyterians in Korea are replacement.  The reception was outstanding in every meeting.  I did find that I had to overcome some false teaching that some who claimed to represent Messianic Judaism had previously taught.  In these cases, hearing a balanced biblical pro-church message of the restoration of Israel and the Church restored confidence in God’s end-time purposes for Israel, Messianic Judaism and world redemption.  We had long meal times for conversation on these issues.


The next stop was Singapore.  Our host there was George Annadorai, an apostolic leader who has given twenty years of great effort to build support for Israel.  However, George did not have clarity for how best to partner with Messianic Judaism and was unsure as to whom he could trust.  Thankfully, he believed in me enough to sponsor a leaders meeting and through this meeting many voiced commitment to the TJCII Declarations and desired to partner with our ministries.  There is an open door to return.  There were two public meetings that went well.  In these teachings, in Korea, Singapore and Taiwan, I gave a message on the identity of the Church as the people from all nations who have been joined to Israel and its destiny for the sake of world redemption.  Yes, we spoke on the last days as well.


The Taiwan meetings, however, were the highlight and went far beyond all my expectations.  Indeed, to my surprise, when I met my transportation at the airport we went straight out to dinner with a group of leaders including the leading apostolic father in the Taiwanese Church.  This leader is deeply respected by the leaders of the Mainland China house group movement.  I decided to tell them my life story and how I came to convictions about the last-days Church and its restoration.  This included their role in the salvation of Israel.  I was scheduled to teach for two days, seven full hours on the main Christian Television station.  So it was like giving a mini course.  At night there were important gatherings.  One was with The Tabernacle of David Ministry and congregation.  Their reception of the message was amazing.  All wanted to sign the TJCII Affirmations.  The leaders said that they wanted explicitly to be in covenant with our ministries and me.  The favor of God on this time was astonishing.
However the best was yet to happen.  Everything had come together at the last minute just before I left Israel and I was not aware of it until I arrived in Taiwan.  I preached at three services in the Church in Taichung, overseen by the apostle Chou who I mentioned above.  This was not his church, which is in Taipai.  It is a large vibrant church, with much evangelism, healing ministries, a theological school and more.  Seeing the positive response of the leader and his people was very gratifying.  However, that evening I was chosen as a speaker, which was established only in the days before the meeting.  This meeting was the gathering of all the leaders of the network in Taiwan and its intercessors.  They were having a three-day conference for prayer and intercession.  After the meeting, tables were set up where the apostolic father and all the leaders signed beautifully designed copies of the TJCII Affirmations.  Their response to the teaching was most powerful.
The great question is how to cultivate all these relationships for the future, with open invitations to return from almost all.  Thankfully I am part of a team here in Jerusalem that helps to carry this.
So how is it possible to do all this?  Through your prayers and giving.

With love and appreciation for all you do,
Dan and Patty

Pictures from Clockwise:
1. Korea Toward Jerusalem Council II Conference leaders
2. The Cross Church and Korea House of Prayer
3. The Tabernacle of David in Taipei, Taiwan
4. TJCII documents signed in Taiwan by leading apostolic movement
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Patty: Just a brief update on my recovery.  I am gaining strength weekly and am planning on traveling to the States May 21 and then to our annual Tikkun Leadership and Family Conference, which is being held near Baltimore, MD.  Thank you for all you prayers that have moved me forward so that this is a viable possibility!

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May 21: Return to the States

May 26-27:  Ahavat Yeshua, Washington, DC

May 29 – June 4: Tikkun America Leaders’ Conference and Restore Family Conference, Ellicott City, MD

June 9-11: Shaarei HaShamayim, Bellmore, NY

June 16-20: Bethel Church, Redding, CA

June 23-24:  Beth Messiah, Milwaukee, WI
  • Grace for building an apostolic network in Israel; strategies for building cooperative unity.  Please focus on this request.
  • Protection and grace for our family in Israel
  • Grace, favor and fruit as Dan and Patty embarks on their summer travels
  • Continued strengthening for Patty’s body as it recovers from heart surgery

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